Monday 27 May 2013

Preview images from Ships of the Line and other 2014 calendars

Amazon have updated their listings for several of the 2014 Star Trek calendars with samples pages, giving us a closer look at the art in Ships of the Line, and and idea of the format being used in the TOS and Into Darkness calendars.

Three images from Ships of the Line have been posted: "San Francisco", by Joe Hibert; "The Shape of Things to Come", by Doug Drexler and Michael Murray; and "NX Bound for Refit", by Doug Drexler and Ali Ries:


Three months each from the TOS and Into Darkness calendars have also been previwed:

In other Ships of the Line related news, Mark Rademaker posted a piece of concept art, on Facebook, for his new ringship which will be appearing in the 2014 calendar:

Meanwhile, Sean Tourangeau, the designer of the USS Titan, has been posting work in progress images of Tobias Richter's new USS Titan mesh. As Richter is a regular contributor to Ships of the Line, I'm hoping this is a good sign for the the Titan making it's long overdue appearance in years to come:


Lots more images of the new Titan mesh on Sean Tourangeau's Facebook page. While to get an idea of all the images in next year's Ships of the Line, see my previous article with the covers.


Martin said...

A shame that the Enterprise J is canon. That ship is so freakin ugly!

Unknown said...

Huh, I seem to remember reading that it was unlikely that there would be any more "physical" Ships of the Line calendars. Good news.

Now, I missed getting the 2013 calendar. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get one?

8of5 said...

I really like the Enterprise-J! I've hardly ever seen anyone else agree with me though!

Jack, the calendar was cancelled for a while, but they back peddled for reasons unknown but most welcome! The 2013 edition is still readily available on Amazon.

Josh said...

It looks like they fixed the "calendar' portion of the calendar.
Having it look like a normal one that starts on Sunday and goes to Saturday. Having it spread out in various shapes makes it visually useless.
I have it in my office and when people look at it I say it is the coolest most useless calendar ever. They love the ships but hate the calendar layout.

Unknown said...
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