Monday 24 January 2011

Mega update #4: Music

La La Land Records have released a newly expanded edition of the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier soundtrack, which includes the original soundtrack release, plus 45 minutes of newly released music and alternate cues.

The two disc set is available from La La Land in a limited edition of 5000 units.

Mega update #3: Games

A couple of game updates:

TrekMovie have revealed the first of Wizkids’ Heroclix miniature games. Star Trek: Expeditions is based on the new movie and is described as follows:

Players take on the roles of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura responding to an invitation from the Nibian government to open discussions about the planet joining the United Federation of Planets. However, now that the Enterprise has arrived, you find the President of Nibia less happy to see you than the invitation suggested, and Mr. Spock has detected evidence that another starship may have recently been in orbit.

Lead your away teams made up of crew and resources from the Enterprise to solve the major story arcs plus key side missions before the Klingon Fleet arrives or the lone cloaked Klingon Battle cruiser in orbit destroys the Enterprise and her crew. Three difficulty levels, random side missions, player strategies and a unique branching mission tree ensure every game will be a unique memorable experience.

The game will be out this summer, and features six miniature models, including what I think must be the first model in any format of the new movie style Klingon battle cruiser.

In a completely different sort of game, Gameforge have revealed two ships from their forthcoming online game, Star Trek Infinite Space. Interactive 3D models of the Galaxy class and Klingon Bird of Prey can be seen (and played with) on their website. And look rather good!

Mega update #2: Star Trek Magazine

Several issues of the Star Trek Magazine have flown by since my last update!

The December issue featured Star Trek's "Bad Boys" and also included a nicely illustrated excerpt from Rough Beasts of Empire.

January saw the spotlight shift to the girls of Trek, this time with an extract from Paths of Disharmony.

There are features from both issues on, here, and here. And you can also preview both those issues and the March issue, which focuses on Trek-relationships, on the Zimio online version of the magazine.

Finally Titan also released the Star Trek Souvenir Special, to celebrate 15 years of the Star Trek Magazine. The special features material from the Magazine archive over 150 pages.

Mega update #1: Star Trek Online

Three months without updates to this blog and there is surprisingly little to report on Star Trek Online!

Season 3: Genesis, has been launched, with highlights including a revamp of sector space and the ability to create your own missions.

Season three and subsequent updates have also seen various new items added to the C-Store, these include several Klingon faction ships:

Fek'lhri Kar'Fi class battle carrier

Orion Fek'lhri Marauder class patrol cruiser

Gorn Varanus class fleet support vessel

Nausicaan Guramba class siege destroyer

The Klingons also get an updated B'rel class bird of prey, while the Federation get the option of a "replica" NX class, with 25th century specs.

The Federation also get several new uniform options with costumes from All Good Things..., The Motion Picture and Enterprise (prime and mirror) as well as cat-suits modelled on Troi, Seven and T'Pol!


Cryptic also launched a competition to design the Enterprise-F, which is now closed to entrants, but voting continues.

And finally Cryptic have announced the next series of feature episodes, "Cloaked Intensions" which starts in February. The five "episode" series is described as follows:
Battles between former allies threaten to tear the Romulan Star Empire apart. Find the heart of the conflict before it engulfs the quadrant!

Episode 1: "The Vault" sees:
"The crew find themselves in a tight situation when they are ordered to investigate an energy surge on an abandoned Romulan starbase."

While descriptions have yet to be posted for the final four episodes: "Mine Enemy", "Frozen", "Coliseum", and "Cutting the Cord".

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