Sunday 30 June 2019

Book bits: New books, Animated Series Guide previews, and more

A few bookish updates today, including new covers and preview pages of a couple of forthcoming releases. But first, new book news:

Original 1979 edition cover
New listings have confirmed two new books on the way, and for the first time in a while we know the title of one of them! Due out in October is an unusual release, a reprint of Gene Roddenberry's novelisation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The rationale is for the film's 40th anniversary; there's no mention of whether there's any new content, such as an introduction, to mark that occasion. Like all the current novels, this will be a trade paperback release, and will also have an audio edition. There's no cover yet (but surely the iconic movie poster will be used), but there is a blurb:
Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture with this classic movie novelization written by legendary Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry!

The original five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations has ended. Now James T. Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise have separated to follow their own career paths and different lives. But now, an overwhelming alien threat—one that is ignoring all attempts at communication and annihilating all opposition in its path—is on a collision course with Earth, the very heart of the United Federation of Planets. And the only vessel that Starfleet can send in time to intercept this menace is a refitted Enterprise, with her old crew heeding the call to once again boldly go where no one has gone before….
Another book matches the cryptic naming of the other recent new listings, known currently as Untitled LBH; you can only tell it's a Star Trek book as it's listed under Pocket Star Trek. Whatever it is, we can expect it in February 2020.

Coming this September is the new Official Guide to The Animated Series, from Aaron Harvey and Rich Schepis. Amazon listings for this now give us a brand new set of preview pages to enjoy, which give a wider idea of the book's contents (literally, the contents page is among them) then the previous preview. It includes one spread from the preview preview with a new image selection, so some updates must have been happening as the book approaches publication:

Friday 21 June 2019

IDW's Star Trek comics for September

IDW have released their solicitations for September, which include two new Star Trek comics, both featuring the Klingons. Continue below for all the details, plus some other comics updates.

Aftermath #2
Written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson, with art by Tony Shasteen.
As Spock deals with the loss of his sister Michael Burnham, Captain Pike makes an offer to the Klingons. But will the enemies of Chancellor L’Rell ignite a new war instead? Don’t miss this amazing new series that follows the shocking conclusion of season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. 
This book is offered in two covers, an eye-catching Klingon focused main cover from Angel Hernandez, and a (not yet revealed) retailer incentive photo-cover.

Latest Star Trek props from Icon Heroes and Factory Entertainment

Ahead of the San Diego Comic Con, Icon Heroes and Factory Entertainment have both revealed new Comic Con exclusive Discovery prop reproductions, and Factory Entertainment have also launched their TOS range of props. Continue below to check them out:

From Icon Heroes, we have Emperor Georgiou's Terran Empire dagger, as a letter opener! The seven inch long metal replica of the prop will stand ready to assist with all your mail needs. This follows a similar Klingon D'k Tahg letter opener previously released by Icon Heroes.

Monday 17 June 2019

Hallmark reveal convention exclusive ISS Enterprise

Hallmark have revealed an extra Star Trek decoration in their 2019 range of Keepsake Christmas decorations. Coming as a convention exclusive will be the ISS Enterprise, a limited edition 3,475, featuring audio clips from the episode Mirror, Mirror.

Tuesday 11 June 2019

The Captain's Oath previews

Out right at the end of May was the latest TOS novel, Christopher L. Bennett's The Captain's Oath. The book is a TOS prequel, focusing on Captain Kirk taking command of the Enterprise, and his missions on his previous command leading up to that.

Various previews have now been released, which you can check out below. Starting with a reminder of blurb, as it appears on the back cover:

The Q Conflict #5 covers and preview

Out this week is the fifth issue of The Q Conflict, IDW's big multi-series crossover event, which as ever is brought to use by writers Scott and David Tipton, with David Messina returning after an issue off to pencil, with inks by Elisabetta D’Amico.

The cliffhanger ending involving the Prophets from the previous issue is wrapped up with surprising ease, leaving the multi-series crews able to deal with Borg for this issue's troublesome task. Thankfully Borg joining the adventure mean a nice selection of Borgy covers for this issue. Once more David Messina (and colourist Alessandra Alexakis) brings us both the A and B covers, forming a diptych featuring all the series ships facing a Borg cube. George Caltsoudas's latest retail incentive cover is a real highlight though, featuring an almost liquid Borg Queen, with other villineous aliens lurking in her shadow.

Continue below to check out all the covers, and a five page preview.

Thursday 6 June 2019

TOS Star Trek coins round-up: Kirk, Cat, Spock, Forever!

A bit of a coins catch-up today, with a look at the latest Star Trek releases from several different mints. Continue below for TV, movie, and even cat inspired pieces!

First up, Captain Kirk returns in the latest release from the Perth Mint's ongoing Star Trek collection. This latest design, from designer Jennifer McKenna, is "endorsed" by William Shatner himself, featuring the planet Saturn and several of its moons in the bridge viewscreen, which Shanter apparently has a "personal fascination" with.

Sunday 2 June 2019

Book bits: Enterprise War cover, Trek Fitness Guide, and more

It's a new cover day, with two new covers, one for a whole new book, to show you. Continue below for those and more:

First up the much anticipated reveal of the cover for the next Discovery novel, John Jackson Miller's The Enterprise War. The book is a prequel to Discovery season two, filling us in on what the Enterprise was up to in the Klingon War. And the cover is a welcome shift in style from the previous Discovery novels, switching from character promo art to a nice poppy image of the Enterprise!

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