Thursday 30 October 2008

Look, DST Tribbles!

The Art Asylum blog has given a first look at DST's new tribbles:

The post also gave some new details: They describe them as "2-3 times larger than the originally released plush" and will come in three colours (as you can see), the grey ones being short packed, so rare.

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Who is Sonek Pran?

On the TrekBBS Keith R.A. DeCandido has revealed a little detail on his new character for the Destiny follow-up novel A Singular Destiny - in the form of a short excerpt, in which Captain Dax first meets Sonek Pran:

Seconds later, a sparkle of lights coalesced into a humanoid form. A large canvas bag was slung over his left shoulder. He had a drooping white mustache and long white hair, framing a round, pleasant face. He wore simple civilian clothing: a purple shirt, black vest, black pants, brown boots. The rather unruly head of hair was yoked back into a ponytail, revealing tapered ears that suggested Vulcanoid ancestry. He also had the rhinal ridges of a Bajoran, albeit fainter than usual, and the black eyes of a Betazoid. That's gotta be an entertaining family tree, Dax thought as she stepped forward

"Professor Pran, I presume?"

The grin he let loose with was completely human. In all three hundred and sixty-three years of life in nine hosts, the Dax symbiont had never encountered a species that grinned quite the way humans did.

Go forth and have a chit-chat about the fellow, here.

Corroney's Last Generation cover

Joe Corroney has made a post on his myspace blog with his latest artworks, which includes his cover for the third issue of the The Last Generation series, which looks like this:

See the original post for Farscape, Indiana Jones and The Phantom artwork as well.

Sunday 26 October 2008

New Shards and Shadows cover and blurb

The Pocket Books website has been updated with a new cover for next year's Mirror Universe anthology Shards Shadows. Poor old Shran has been sacrificed in favour of T'Pol. The listing also features this blurb:

Fractured history. Broken lives. Splintered souls. Since the alternate universe was first glimpsed in the classic episode "Mirror, Mirror," something about Star Trek's dark side has beckoned us, called to us, tempted us -- like forbidden fruit on the Tree of Knowledge. To taste it is to lose oneself in a world of startling familiarity and terrifying contradictions, where everything and everyone we knew is somehow disturbingly different, and where shocking secrets await their revelation.

What began in 2007 with Glass Empires and Obsidian Alliances -- the first truly in-depth foray into the turbulent history of this other continuum -- now continues in twelve new short tales that revisit and expand upon that so-called "Mirror Universe," spanning all five of the core incarnations of Star Trek, as well as their literary offshoots, across more than two hundred years of divergent history, as chronicled by...

Christopher L. Bennett - Margaret Wander Bonanno - Peter David - Keith R.A. DeCandido - Michael Jan Friedman - Jim Johnson - Rudy Josephs - David Mack - Dave Stern - James Swallow - Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore - Susan Wright

Thanks to Just Died on the TrekBBS for pointing this out, here.

Friday 24 October 2008

Lost Souls excerpt

Pocket Books have released an excerpt from the final book in the Destiny trilogy: Lost Souls. It's the first chapter, and you can read it, here.

The Last Generation preview recently posted an article previewing the The Last Generation series. The article revealed the title for the first issue: "Do Not Close Your Eyes", and gave us the first look at an interior page from that issue:

The article also gave some new details on casting: "All the members of the Next Generation crew are present (including Pulaski, Wesley and Tasha Yar) and most of them are members of Picard’s ‘Resistance’ cell. There will be cameos for characters from Voyager, Deep Space Nine and even The Original Series". The comments from Andrew Steven Harris also noted that the USS Excelsior is the last Starfleet ship left in the alternate future of the story.

Read the full article, here.

Saturday 18 October 2008

Countdown details

The latest solicitations annouced IDW's tie-in prequel to the new Star Trek movie, and now have released some details on the series.

In addition to what we already got told - A story by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman, written by Tim Jones & Mike Johnson and illustrated by David Messina - The series will be four issues long, and the omnibus will come out in April, the same month as the final issue.

The series will be set in the TNG era, post-Nemesis, and focus on the new Romulan bad-guy Nero, and the older Spock before they embark on any time travelling antics. It might also involve some other TNG era characters. Roberto Orci has described the series as "about how you connect the Next Generation era to our continuity, inspired by when we last saw Mr. Spock in Unification"

Additionally, Orci and co. apparently have ideas for further tie-ins in the works.

See the full report, here.

Thursday 16 October 2008

Pictures from the new movie!

So... it has begun, Paramount have started releasing images from the new movie, and they look cool! Each image has been released to a different site (linked below) which provide some details on the images:

First, most of the new crew, looking good. From the UGO movie blog.

And not to forget Spock-lar. From Ain't it Cool News.

The gang on the new bridge. Seems a bit Galaxy Questish... From the MTV movie blog.

Nero, the naughty Romulan. From JoBlo.

The USS Kelvin, complete with little weapons turrets. From TrekMovie.

And Kirk with some ice. From IGN.

UPDATE: Images keep coming. See some galleries here, and here. And here are a couple of highlights, the full USS Kelvin:

And Mr. Spock: is the place to go for all the news on the new movie. And they say a trailer is on the way next month.

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Hollow Crown #2 preview

Chris Ryall has posted a five-page preview of this week's second and final issue of Romulans: The Hollow Crown. Here's a pretty picture of a D7:

See more, here.

IDW January (is exciting!) have released IDW's solicitations for January, which includes the first issue of a tie-in series for the new movie!

The Last Generation #3
In an alternate timeline in which the Klingons have conquered the Federation, Jean-Luc Picard leads a desperate struggle against the brutal grip of the Empire's iron fist. But as Terran Warlord Worf continues his scorched-Earth attacks on the planet, Picard's rebellion harbors an unlikely turncoat in its midst, with potentially devastating consequences. And should the Klingons seize control of the newly-awakened android Data, they will have perhaps the most powerful computer weapon in the galaxy...

Countdown #1
-Story by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman • Written by Tim Jones & Mike Johnson • Art and cover by David Messina!
The countdown to the motion picture event of 2009 begins here, in the exclusive comics prequel to the upcoming blockbuster STAR TREK! JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman present the origin of Nero, the mysterious Romulan who will ultimately threaten the survival of the entire universe. Don't miss this first chapter in the story that brings STAR TREK back to the big screen!

The Gary Seven Collection
Collecting four issues of the fan-favorite Star Trek comic books released by DC Comics in the 1990s, written by Howard Weinstein and Michael Jan Friedman, IDW’s Star Trek: Archives, Vol. 3: The Gary Seven Collection explores the continued adventures of alien-agent-on-Earth Gary Seven. First seen crossing paths with the crew of the USS Enterprise in the 1968 Star Trek second season episode “Assignment: Earth,” Seven is stationed on Earth by his otherworldly overseers to prevent nuclear war. And he’s not alone. Along with his secretary Roberta, his “cat” Isis, the Beta 5 computer and his multi-function Servo, Seven must protect the Earth to insure the creation of the United Federation of Planets. Find out the whole story in this exciting collection!

Saturday 11 October 2008

A Singular Destiny blurb

Jeff Ayers, via, has released the back-cover blurb for Keith R.A. DeCandido's Destiny follow-up novel, A Singular Destiny. Which is as follows:

The Shape of Things to Come

The cataclysmic events of Star Trek: Destiny have devastated known space. Worlds have fallen. Lives have been destroyed. And in the uneasy weeks that follow, the survivors of the holocaust continue to be tested to the limits of their endurance.

But, strange and mysterious occurrences are destabilizing the galaxy’s battle-weary Allies even further. In the Federation, efforts to replenish diminished resources and give succor to millions of evacuees are thwarted at every turn. On the borders of the battered Klingon Empire, the devious Kinshaya sense weakness --and opportunity. In Romulan space, the already-fractured empire is dangerously close to civil war.

As events undermining the quadrant’s attempts to heal itself become increasingly widespread, one man begins to understand what is truly unfolding. Sonek Pran - teacher, diplomat, and sometime advisor to the Federation President - perceives a pattern in the seeming randomness. And as each new piece of evidence falls into place, a disturbing picture encompassing half the galaxy begins to take shape, revealing a challenge to the Federation and its allies utterly unlike anything the have faced before.

New Online images online...

The Star Trek Online website has updated it's gallery and wallpaper sections with some new images, such as these:

See more, here, and here.

Early Enterprise, now with nacelles!

Chris Ryall has released a more complete view of the two-page spread from the first issue of Crew, first shown by John Byrne a week or so ago.

Thursday 9 October 2008

Mirror Images 4 previews

Chris Ryall has posted a five-page preview for this week’s new release, issue four of Mirror Images. And meanwhile the artist, David Messina, has posted the same five pages, pre-colouring, on his own blog.

Mere Mortals excerpt have posted an excerpt from the forthcoming second instalment of the Destiny trilogy. Go, here, to read it.

Sunday 5 October 2008

DST Enterprise-D details

In a recent post on the Art Asylum blog details of DST's forthcoming Enterprise-D model have been revealed:

"The Saucer section will be able to separate and once separated an exclusive phrase and sound will activate. This sound will also occur when the Saucer is back together with aft section of the enterprise. This will be represented in the video attached as a black rectangle that is removed and then put back on the circuit board. Further, the impulse engine lights will activate and much like the show, both ship portions will have their own power source to light up. The Saucer section will continue to playback phrases while the aft section will just light up.

Both sections when separated will have their own display stands. These display stands nest into each other for storage and the saucer section will come with an extra panel for mounting on the stand.

Lights include the Bridge Dome, Saucer Section Impulse Engines, Secondary Hull Impulse Engines, Deflector Array and Warp Engines. Similar to the show only the blue parts of the engine nacelle will blink while the red part remains steady."

The post also came with this video showing the demo board for the model's electronics:

See the full original post, here.

Enterprise ready for Crew

On his blog, John Byrne has posted an image from the first issue of his forthcoming TOS prequel miniseries, Crew. This is apparently one sixth of a two page spread:

Byrne describes this as "the unpainted ship, before her shakedown cruise"
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