Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection index

Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection is a part-work magazine from Eaglemoss, each issue comes with a model starship, with designs from all the TV and film series.

The ships are based either on the original production CGI models, or new models for designs that have no such resource available. The accompanying magazine details the ship, from an in-universe perspective, including technical diagrams, and from the real world point-of-view, looking at the design and production of each ship, or a related subject when limited material is available (such as particular species, actors, etc).

This page gives details of the series, with links to coverage on The Trek Collective. The help navigate this page, please use the buttons below, which will narrow down the page to a specific area of interest. You can also find a simple list of my reviews on my reviews index page.


The series has spawned several distinct collections:
  • Regular series - The main fortnightly collection. This is currently planned to run for 160 issues, extended (five times now) from the original intention to run for 70 issues.
  • Special issues - Released at irregular intervals, featuring larger scale models of various ships, including starbases and Kelvin timeline ships.
  • XL series - Featuring even larger scale models, all so far up-scaled editions of designs previously released as regular issues.
  • Shuttle sets - Packs of four smaller scale models of shuttlecraft.
  • Bonus issues - Regular sized models released outside the main collection. Initially these were repainted variations of previously released issues, but latterly also included brand new models. Releases include name and condition variants, mirror universe ships, non-canon designs, concept art ships, and once the regular series ended, additional ships from the classic series.
  • Discovery series - A separate series featuring ships from Discovery (see separate listing) produced at a larger scale.
  • Universe series - A separate series featuring ships from PicardDiscovery, and Strange New Worlds (see separate listing) produced at a larger scale and which continued on from the previous separate Discovery series.
In addition to the model ships, Eaglemoss have also developed other spin-off releases, including:
  • Dedication plaques - A series of under-scale replicas of the starship dedication plaques. 
  • Books - Several series of books collecting and expanding articles from magazines in the series.

The series began in the UK and Ireland in August 2013, and the US in October of the same year. This followed an initial test run in the UK in 2012. The series is distributed by Deagostini in Japan, starting in May 2014, following its own 2012 test run.

The series has launched subsequently in many other countries around the world, sometimes releasing the series under a different running order or with a shorter run.

The series is offered on a subscription model in most markets, featuring at least the regular issues and special issues. A separate subscription is available for the XL series in the US, other releases, such as bonus issues and shuttle sets typically need to be ordered separately (and in some markets no subscription is avail for anything). In some European markets the subscription includes a premium option where with a small additional payment shuttles from the shuttle sets are sent as occasional extras. Individual issues are also available separately without the need to subscribe to the whole series.

Issue List

#1: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Galaxy class)

#2: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Constitution class refit)

#3: Klingon B'rel class Bird-of-Prey

#4: Enterprise NX-01 (NX class)

#5: Romulan D'deridex class warbird

#6: USS Voyager NCC-74656 (Intrepid class)

#7: Klingon K't'inga class battlecruiser

#8: USS Excelsior NCC-2000 (Excelsior class)
#9: USS Defiant NX-74205 (Defiant class)
#10: Borg Sphere

#11: USS Reliant NCC-1864 (Miranda class)

#12: USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 (Akira class)
#13: Jem'Hadar battle cruiser
#14: Cardassian Galor class
#15: USS Equinox NCC-72381 (Nova class)
#16: Ferengi D'Kora class Marauder
#17: USS Dauntless NX-01-A
#18: Bajoran Solar Sailor
#19: USS Stargazer NCC-2893 (Constellation class)
#20: Klingon Vor'cha class
#21: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Sovereign class)
#22: Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship
#23: USS Honshu NCC-60205 (Nebula class)
#24: Xindi Insectoid ship
#25: USS Prometheus NX-59650 (Prometheus class)
#26: Tholian starship (22nd century)
#27: Romulan Bird-of-Prey (22nd century)
#28: Val Jean (Maquis raider)
#29: Jem'hadar fighter
#30: Nausicaan fighter
#31: Romulan warbird Valdore
#32: USS Orinoco (Danube class runabout)
    #33: Cardassian Hideki class
    #34: Vulcan Surak class
    #35: Klingon Bird of Prey (22nd century)
    #36: USS Grissom NCC-638 (Oberth class)
    #37: Kumari (Andorian cruiser)
    #38: Delta Flyer
    #39: Romulan drone
    #40: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B (Excelsior class refit)
    #41: Klingon Raptor class
    #42: USS Pasteur NCC-58525 (Olympic class)
    #43: Species 8472 Bioship
    #44: Intrepid
    #45: Malon export vessel
    #46: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C (Ambassador class)
    #47: Negh'Var (Negh'Var class)
    #48: USS Voyager NCC-74656 (Intrepid class, with ablative hull armor)
    #49: ECS Fortunate (Y class)

    #50: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Constitution class)
    #51: Hirogen Hunter
    #52: USS Centaur NCC-42043 (Centaur class)
    #53: Klingon Attack Ship
    #54: USS Appalachia NCC-52136 (Steamrunner class)
    #55: Vulcan D'kyr class
    #56: USS Yeager NCC-61947 (Saber class)
    #57: Romulan Bird of Prey (23rd century)
    #58: Borg Tactical Cube
    #59: USS Relativity (Wells class)
    #60: SS Botany Bay (DY-100 class)
    #61: Norway class
    #62: Voth research vessel
    #63: SS Antares
    #64: Phoenix
    #65: Xindi Aquatic cruiser
    #66: USS Raven
    #67: Klingon D7 class
    #68: Federation attack fighter
    #69: Breen warship
    #70: Voth city ship
    #71: Goroth's Klingon transport
    #72: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
    #73: Renegade Borg ship
    #74: Bajoran Raider
    #75: Cousteau (Enterprise-E captain's yacht)
    #76: Baxial
    #77: Romulan shuttle
    #78: Aeroshuttle
    #79: Stella (Harry Mudd's ship)
    #80: Federation Mission Scout
    #81: Xindi Reptilian ship
    #82: Earth Starfleet delta ship
    #83: Bajoran Troop Transport
    #84: NX Alpha
    #85: Federation holoship
    #86: Gorn ship

    #87: UTS Aeon

    #88: Vahklas

    #89: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J

    #90: Romulan scout ship

    #91: USS Saratoga NCC-31911 (Miranda class variant)

    #92: Medusan ship
    • Publication dates: 15/02/2017 (UK), 05/04/2017 (US).
    • Coverage: Issue number.

    #93: Suliban cell ship
    • Publication dates: 01/03/2017 (UK), 19/04/2017 (US).
    • Coverage: Issue number.

    #94: ECS Horizon
    • Publication dates: 15/03/2017 (UK), 03/05/2017 (US).
    • Coverage: Issue number.

    #95: USS Kyushu NCC-65491 (New Orleans class)

    #96: Orion scout ship
    • Publication dates: 12/04/2017 (UK), 31/05/2017 (US).
    • Coverage: Rendering.

    #97: Starfleet Academy flight training craft
    • Publication dates: 26/04/2017 (UK), 14/06/2017 (US).
    • Coverage: Renderings.

    #98: USS Rhode Island NCC-72701 (Nova class refit)
    • Publication dates: 10/05/2017 (UK), 28/06/2017 (US).

    #99: Arctic One (assimilated)
    • Publication dates: 24/05/2017 (UK), 12/07/2017 (US).

    #100: USS Horizon NCC-176 (Daedalus class)
    • Publication dates: 07/06/2017 (UK), 26/07/2017 (US).
    • Coverage: Reference model.

    #101: Bajoran freighter
    • Publication dates: 21/06/2017 (UK), 09/08/2017 (US).

    #102: Klingon D5 class
    • Publication dates: 05/07/2017 (UK), 23/08/2017 (US).

    #103: Vidiian warship
    • Publication dates: 19/07/2017 (UK), 06/09/2017 (US).

    #104: USS Jenolan
    • Publication dates: 02/08/2017 (UK), 20/09/2017 (US).

    #105: Smuggler's ship
    • Publication dates: 16/08/2017 (UK), 04/10/2017 (US).

    #106: Kazon raider
    • Publication dates: 30/08/2017 (UK), 18/10/2017 (US).

    #107: Klingon Bird of Prey (23rd century, attack position)

    #108: USS Ahwahnee NCC-73620 (Cheyenne class)

    #109: Borg Queen's ship

    #110: USS Chekov NCC-57302 (Springfield class)

    #112: USS Phoenix NCC-65420 (Nebula class variant)

    #113: Lokirrim warship

    #114: USS Baran NCC-57580 (Challenger class)

    #119: Hirogen holoship

    #120: USS Bozeman NCC-1941 (Soyuz class)

    #121: SS Xhosa
    #122: USS Yeager NCC 65674 (Yeager class)

    #123: Romulan Science Vessel

    #124: SS Emmette

    #125: Alice

    #126: USS Princeton (Niagara class)

    #127: Eymorg ship

    #128: OV-165

    #129: 23rd century Tholian ship

    #130: Borg Probe

    #131: Arctic One

    #132: Warship Voyager

    #133: Irina's racing ship

    #134: Vulcan survey ship

    #135: Dala's ship
    #136: Cardassian Keldon class
    #139: Vaadwaur fighter 

    #140: Starfleet Tug

    #141: T'Pau (Apollo class)

    #142: Promellian battle cruiser

    #143: Merchantman

    #144: Gomtuu

    #145: Nightingale

    #146: Fesarius

    #147: Baran's raider

    #151: Bomar patrol ship
    #152: USS Excelsior (Nilo Rodis Concept I)
    #153: Devore warship

    Special Issues

    Special #1: Deep Space 9
    Special #2: USS Enterprise (Constitution class, Kelvin timeline)
    Special #3: USS Vengeance (Dreadnought class)
    Special #4: Klingon D4 class
    Special #5: USS Kelvin NCC-0514
    Special #6: Enterprise NX-01 refit
    Special #7: Jellyfish

    Special #8: USS Franklin (NX-326)

    Special #9: Altamid Swarm ship

    Special #10: Deep Space Station K-7

    Special #13: Klingon battle cruiser (Kelvin timeline)

    Special #15: Earth Spacedock

    Special #17: Planet Killer

    Special #18: Scimitar

    Special #TBA: Regula I

    Other Releases

    In addition to the main run of fortnightly issues, and the special issue series, the collection has expanded to include several other lines, including a series of smaller shuttlecraft models, several extra large models, mirror universe and other variants, dedication plaques, books, and more!

    Shuttle sets

    When The Collection launched in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, and France, a premium subscription model was offered, where a slightly higher subscription fee gave subscribers occasional additional models of shuttlecraft. These have also seen release in other markets, sold directly by the publisher as a sets of four.

    Set 1: Galileo (TOS shuttle), Goddard (type 6), Chaffee (type 10), and Cochrane (type 9)

    Set 2: Enterprise shuttlepod, type 15 shuttlepod, type 7 shuttle, and executive shuttle

    Set 3: Work bee, travel pod, type 11 shuttlecraft, Argo.

    XL sized ships

    Eaglemoss have re-issued several ships at a much larger scale, bigger than even the special issues. So far these are all series hero ships

    #1: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Constitution class)

    #2: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Galaxy class)

    #3: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Sovereign class)

    #7: USS Defiant NX-74205 (Defiant class)

    #8: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B (Excelsior class refit)
    #11: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Discovery version)
    #12: USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 (Akira class)
    #13: Klingon Bird of Prey
    #14: Danuba class runabout
    #15: USS Excelsior (Excelsior class)

    Bonus ships

    Eaglemoss have released several additional ships and variants, including mirror universe, concept, and non-canon ships. Some of these have been released as convention and direct purchase exclusives, while others are available more widely through the usual retailers. Following the success of the first ships from books, Eaglemoss launched a survey to help pick further bonus issues.

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Galaxy class refit)
    • Notes: This was originally offered as a subscription bonus item, and then later released for individual purchase. It does not come with a magazine.

    MU-1 (#1): ISS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Constitution class)

    MU-2 (#2): ISS Enterprise NX-01 (NX class)

    #3: SS Yorktown NCC-1717 (Constitution class)
    • Publication dates: 10/2016.
    • Notes: Variant of the Constitution class with the first draft name for the series ship during the production of TOS. It does not come with a magazine. Released as a convention and direct purchase exclusive.
    • Coverage: First details360 video and model photos.
    • Purchase: Eaglemoss (US).

    MU-3 (#4): ISS Defiant (Defiant class)

    #5: USS Titan NCC-80102 (Luna class)

    #6: USS Aventine NCC-82602 (Vesta class)

    • Publication date: 10/2017.
    • Notes: Glow in the dark repaint of the Constitution class model, representing the USS Defiant in the interphase. Eaglemoss consider this the tenth bonus issue, although it was the seventh release in the series, coming ahead of several other models in that numbering system.
    • Coverage: Model photos and cover360 video and model photos.
    • Purchase: Eaglemoss (US).

    #13: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F (Odyssey class, Federation livery)

    #13A: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F (Odyssey class, STO livery)
    #17: ISS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
    • Publication date: 04/2019.
    • Notes: Eaglemoss consider this the seventeenth bonus issue, although it was the fourteenth release in the series, coming ahead of several other models in that numbering system.
    • Coverage: Model photos and description.

    #14: USS Altair (Doug Drexler USS Voyager concept)
      #15: USS Voyager NCC-75656 (Intrepid class, assimilated)

      #16: USS Defiant NX-74205 (Defiant class, cloaked)
      • Publication date: 09/2019

      #18: USS Enterprise shuttlecraft (Matt Jefferies concept) 
      • Publication date: 10/2019

      #19: USS Enterprise shuttlecraft (Phase II concept) 
      • Publication date: 10/2019

      #20: SS Conestoga
      • Publication date: 12/2019

      #21 Klingon D4 class (concept)
      • Publication date: 01/2020

      #22: Cardassian Orbital Weapons Platform 
      • Publication date: 01/2020

      #23: Friendship 1
      • Publication date: 02/2020

      #24: USS Reliant NCC-1864 (concept)
      • Publication date: 03/2020

      #25: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Constitution class, The Cage version)
      • Publication date: 03/2020

      #26: USS Armstrong NCC-1769
      • Publication date: 2021
      • Notes:  The first regular size model of a Kelvin timeline ship, and first of the background fleet from The Future Begins.
      • Coverage: Model photos.
      • Purchase: Eaglemoss (US)(ad).

      USS Emmet Till

        Dedication plaques

        Eaglemoss have also released a series of dedication plaque reproductions, starting with the USS Enterprise-D, which was initially offered as a subscriber extra, but later offered individually. A series followed, so far featuring the USS Voyager, USS Defiant, original USS Enterprise (see: plans), Enterprise NX-01, and the USS Enterprise-E. Under consideration for next releases are the USS Enterprise-A and the USS Franklin.


        Eaglemoss have also begun a series of books based on the behind-the-scenes articles from the magazines, but also featuring additional articles exploring further aspects of starship design and production. See: Kelvin Timeline preview pages.

        Subscription extras

        In addition to the models and magazine, subscribers are given extra items over the course of their subscription, including an All Good Things... version of the USS Enterprise-D, a large illuminated Borg Cube model, a dedication plaque, and a binder. European subscribers get each of these items shipped over four consecutive months, while North American subscribers get one item every six months. All these releases have subsequently been available to order individually through the Eaglemoss website as well.

        Other releases

        Further binders can also be ordered, and later in the series alternative binder designs have also been offered, featuring ship artwork.

        For more casual collectors, Eaglemoss will also be releasing multi-packs of popular ships. The first three pack was the Enterprises C, D, and E. This was followed by the Defiant, Voyager, and Excelsior, and a four pack including the NX-01, NCC-1701, A and B. Most recently a three pack included the Klingon Bird of Prey in all three wing positions. The magazines in these are printed as a single perfect-bond book.

        In Japan the The Collection is published by Deagostini, and featured more elaborate box packaging. Additional subscribers get another gift, a keychain. The design of the Borg Cube is also different.

        For a few competition ships with custom names and registrations have been produced. The series manager has suggested this is something that might be feasible as a product too, albeit possibly quite expensive.

        Possible Issues

        Before publication of the series had begun, a list of other ships expected to be included was released, while others have been seen on promotional images. These have not all been confirmed as being in the final series. Any known status is noted in the lists below:

        Confirmed issues:
        Possible issues:
        • Son'a ships - Command ship and collector were listed as issues #39 and #52 on preliminary issue list, but have been delayed due to original CGI assets being lost. As of October 2018 the series manager had confirmed they were still planned to be rebuilt, with expected release in the 18 months following.
        • SS Lakul (Whorfin class) - Rendering shared in a hint by the series manager, and included in a survey with another rendering (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Tarellian plague ship - Noted as possible is the series continues beyond 160 issues, by the series manager October 2018, and included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Talarian warship - Noted as possible is the series continues beyond 160 issues, by the series manager October 2018, and included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Karemma starship - From early promo image, and included in a survey with a rendering (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Orion interceptor - Included in a survey with a rendering (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Night ship - Included in a survey with a rendering (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Kreetassan ship - Included in a survey with a rendering (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Think Tank - Included in a survey with a rendering (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Suliban freighter - Included in a survey with a rendering (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Hierarchy ship - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Kazon mothership - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Ktarian ship - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Excelsior concept III - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Husnock warship - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Vidiian ship (from Deadlock) - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Talarian warship - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Pakled ship Mondor - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Tamarian deep space cruiser - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Sheliak colony ship - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Axanar cargo ship - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Pralor ship - Included in a survey (February 2019) as part of a possible twenty-ship extension if the series continued beyond 160 issues.
        • Franz Josephs Star Fleet Technical Manual starships - Mentioned by the manager as being considered pending sorting out the legalities.
        • Tholian ship (23rd century, non-remastered) - Noted as possible by the series manager in October 2018.
        • Batris - Under consideration by the series manager.
        • Scorpion class fighter - #67 on preliminary issue list.
        • Vulcan long range shuttle - #60 on preliminary issue list, and strongly hinted as likely to be included by series manager.
        • Xindi super weapon - Series manger has suggested this would be of interest, but not planned for the current 110 issue run.
        • Hazari starship - From early promo image.
          Possible specials
          • Narada - Listed as a possibility in reader survey, but noted by the series manager as being a challenging ship to translate into a model, and as of 2018 considered to complex to produce.
          • Starbase 375 - Suggested as possible by the series manager.
          • Borg Cube - Suggested as under consideration by the series manager, with the possibility of being issued as a special to permit the complex detailing.
          • USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in spacedock - Listed as a possibility in reader survey. Latest suggested by the series manager that it could be presented with a mid-refit Enterprise.
          • USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in spacedock - Discussed as something that would be good to do by the series manager.
          • nuTrek Starfleet ships - The series project manager has mentioned he has discussed "the six 'background' ships" from the first nuTrek movie, and as of 2018 Eaglemoss were working to obtain the files to create them as regular sized issues.
          Possible bonus issues:
          • USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D with saucer separation - Noted as being considered by series manager, and described as "probably happening" in October 2018.
          • USS Enterprise (Planet of the Titans concept designs) - Two Ken Adams concept designs for the cancelled movie Planet of the Titans. The series manager has previously suggested one version would be a regular issue, and another a bonus issue, however both are currently on hold due to legal issues.
          • USS Bonaventure - Included in a fan survey to help pick future bonus issues; as of May 2018 TAS ships were still being considered, but were not high priority.
          • Klingon D4 class - Included in a fan survey to help pick future bonus issues.
          • Klingon battle cruiser (Matt Jefferies concept) - Hinted at by series manager.
          • Shuttlecraft (Matt Jefferies concept) - Hinted at by series manager.
          • Star Trek Online ships - Noted as likely by the series manager in October 2018.
          • Holoship (concept design) - Noted as very likely by the series manager in October 2018.
          • Vertical Romulan warbird (concept design) - Noted as very likely by the series manager in October 2018.
          • USS Valiant (Defiant concept design) - Noted as very likely by the series manager in October 2018.
          Possible XL issues:
          • USS Prometheus - Included in a fan survey to help pick future XL issues. 
          • K't'inga class - Included in a fan survey to help pick future XL issues. 
          • USS Enterprise-J - Included in a fan survey to help pick future XL issues. 
          • Delta Flyer - Included in a fan survey to help pick future XL issues.
          • Nebula class - Included in a fan survey to help pick future XL issues.
          • Romulan warbird - Included in a fan survey to help pick future XL issues.


          Links to general coverage: First information, first issue list, start delay, factory update and TV advert draft, details of US launch and revised 1-23 issue list, final TV advert and launch hype, project manager comments, Japanese launch details, interview with series manager, German launch details.

          Additional images:

          Find Star Trek starships on!


          Unknown said...

          Hi all, just a reminder that ordering from the website is no guarantee that they have the product in stock or that you will get it.I ordered DS9 from it on 02-dec-2013 and I'm still being told NEARLY TWO MONTHS LATER thats it out of stock. After two months. Even though they make the product. Anyway go to other functioning shopping sites if you are ordering your models individually.

          8of5 said...

          If you're dissatisfied you could always ask Eaglemoss to cancel your order and get it elsewhere as you suggest, Conor?

          If they have completely sold out, then they're probably waiting on another production run before they are even able to send them. Who knows at what time scale they can do that, but I doubt it's as simple as making them as and when they like, they likely have to do them in batches.

          Considering the Collection is expected to launch in multiple countries over time I'd image that means there's a better chance of older issues being able to get back-issues in stock as they do new runs for each territory's release.

          Unknown said...

          Hi 8of5,
          Just to clarify.
          The website side DS9 was in stock. This was only 5 days after it came out after all.
          I put the order through and paid through Paypal. I checked my balance the following day and they had taken my money.
          They never sent the model. I then emailed them 4 weeks later asking where the DS9 is. And they said they are out of stock and I'd get it when it was available.
          And they don't know when that will be. I have now been waiting two months.

          All I'm saying it ordering from when the stock is available is no guarantee it IS available and you will actually get it.

          Yes I could cancel my order. But my original order was when DS9 was in many different websites at the same price.
          It would cost a FORTUNE now.

          As you said you'd think that since DS9 became available in America another batch would be created and I'd have my DS9 by now.
          But I'm still getting the "we don't know when stock will be available" runaround from customer service.

          And I'm just warning people to go to the alternative websites rather then
          For their sanity.

          Unknown said...

          Any news on the Aventine?

          Cronos6939 said...
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          Cronos6939 said...
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          Christopher Dilloway said...

          I'm still waiting for my replacement DS9 model. Mine came with a couple of the vertical spires broken in the box. I thought it was odd it rattled :( They said they would replace it, but it would take a while and still waiting.

          Also getting a little irritated by small errors. The Defiant's left nacelle pennant is backward...which people told them about long before it was released and never corrected. There is almost always at least 1 or 2 errors in each issue, the worst being the cover of the Excelsior issue. A little bit of proofreading and editing would be nice, especially for the price of these things.

          mcarp555 said...

          Are you going to be doing any more Eaglemoss reviews? Seems like it kinda stalled out awhile back.

          8of5 said...

          Fear not mcarp555, more reviews forthcoming, I've just not made the time for a few weeks, but I plan to do a big old catch up starting in the next week.

          Christopher, I agree the Defiant error is Very annoying!

          Matthew, no Aventine news yet, I imagine if we do get her it wont be until a expansion of the series beyond the initial 70 planned issues.

          mcarp555 said...

          Looking forward to reading more!

          As for the Aventine, Is there really any push for ships only in novels? There are still ships that have appeared onscreen that have not been mentioned, like the Pasteur. Yeah, it's not pretty, but at least I've seen it. If you haven't read the novels the Aventine is mentioned in, would you want to buy it? I don't think I would. I'd prefer EM to stick to actually visualized craft (even if only for a screen grab!).

          8of5 said...

          There have been quite a lot of requests for the Aventine, and a handful of other non-canon ships. The Collection's Facebook and Twitter have replied to the effect of: Maybe, one day.

          I certainly wouldn't expect any to turn up in the first 70 issues. I think three ships have a very small chance of getting in though:

          USS Titan - It is technically canon, in name, and is probably the most prominent non-canon ship design, starring in its own book series no less.

          USS Enterprise-F - If any STO original design is going to get the model treatment it will be an Enterprise. This design has had a lot of fanfare, and has a presence outside the game thanks to regular features in Star Trek Magazine.

          USS Aventine - Some way behind the other two as it's more obscure, but while it's only appeared in a few novels, it did star in the biggest novel event ever, Destiny. Plus it's a just a damned cool design, and it seems to have some love from the STO crowd.

          thoughtsimthinking said...

          Discovered this site soon after I started collecting these models. Love the reviews. Been following closely. Wondered what the early opinion is on the Stargazer? I had a close look and it doesn't match the one from the show! I did a quick search on the interweb and found some doug drexler orthographics that seem to match the model more than the one from the show. Wonder if anyone thinks the same? Still like it though :)

          8of5 said...

          Glad you're enjoying Thoughts. I think the Stargazer is one of the more middle-ground ships in the series. It's overall a decent model, but the level of detailing is little inconsistent; could have done with a few more prints on the engineering section. Plus mine seems to rattle a bit!

          Unknown said...

          Just as something different, wouldn't mind seeing Captain John Christopher's Lockheed F-104 Starfighter from the TOS episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday". Just a thought...

          Samson said...

          Hi, I am from germany. Eaglemoss is making very, very nice starships and Batmobiles, but are not very good organized. There are many customers with stories like "I never got what I have ordered" or "I had to wait too long" or "I am not sure, if I will ever get what I have bought". Eaglemoss´ phone / mail - service is very polite and tries to help, but after all I am just happy for every order that arrives. They are pretty - those starships!

          Unknown said...

          Hi. Can you tell me where you get your release times from? I'm having serious issues sourcing these. The only local place that is still selling them is Forbidden Planet and for the last 3 ships, when i have called there on the release date listed on the site they are telling me that they actually received them a week earlier.

          Unknown said...

          I do love this line of ships.

          Unknown said...

          Does anyone know when they will release the special gifts such as the abrams enterprise to U.S subscribers? I know the other gift line such as future enterprise and borg cube are scheduled for much later dates but I really want my ds9 and abrams enterprise.

          Unknown said...

          You need to order the special issues.

          yugenro said...

          I received DS9 several months ago... probably in March or April. (and I live in Seattle) I love it!

          Unknown said...

          i have never had trouble with Eaglemoss. the customer service is excellent. i am sure if you gave them a call they would be more than happy to fix your issue.

          cyclekarl said...

          I would love to see a model of Voyagers Aeroshuttle.

          Unknown said...

          Has anyone had any problems with receiving their subscription gifts and could you confirm when I'm supposed to receive each of them (UK).

          Unknown said...

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          Unknown said...

          Personally, every interaction I have had with eaglemoss has been a nightmare. They have yet to meet a single commitment on the individual issues I ordered from the collection shop. I ordered seven ships that were listed as in stock, website stating only 3-5 days for delivery...That was over a month ago. Every email has resulted in a different response and every new ETA has passed. I finally received the K'tinga class last week and it was missing the acrylic stand. I called, they said they would have one out within the week, and that was 8 days ago. Fortunately a local comic dealer gets them from Diamond Distribution and keeps a file for me. I would suggest any other potential collector's do the same as most comic shop's offer a discount for setting up a file, and you can get this wonderful collection without the hassle of the horrid company that publishes it.

          Unknown said...

          Has anyone received the bonus subscription ships, the future Enterprise and the Borg Cube?

          All I have got is excuses when I have contacted them.

          Unknown said...

          I have mine from the local paper shop. Every fortnight without fail the models are there and the special issues. Try asking at your local shop if they can order for you.

          Wayne said...

          We are yet to receive the Enterprise D future model after a year of trying. Always out of stock even though its a subscription. :(

          Unknown said...

          I finally got my Future Enterprise but it doesn't come with book. I hope the USS Pasture includes info on the design of the Future Enterprise.

          There is one ship I have not seen any mention of and is my personal favorite "enemy ship"; the Husnock warship from the TNG episode "Survivor".

          Unknown said...

          Hey any Canadian subscription owners had much trouble receiving ships. I just started and they told me Canada only has first 35 ships right now but assured me it will get more also they said we have no specials I really wanted ds9

          The MOSEPH!! said...

          Anybody heard if they're considering the Federation Class Dreadnought from the Starfleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph? I'd just about kill for one of those!! I'd love to see ALL of those ships from the tech manual made into these models! Those would be a sure way to get me to finally make the move & subscribe!!

          W. Scott Richardson said...

          I made a poll to include the Promellian Battlecruiser from TNG's Booby Trap! Sign it here and add your name!

          Unknown said...
          This comment has been removed by the author.
          Unknown said...

          I received the USS DEFIANT today and the decals on both sides pointed in the right direction.
          I live in the United States.

          Unknown said...

          is it possible to name your own ship and have it delivered to you???

          Unknown said...

          .....and ive just signed the petition for the Odyssey Class USS ENTERPRISE-F, But, couldnt the odyssey class ship just be made regardless of the petition and renamed something else (like USS Odyssey), otherwise its gonna take ages to get 5000 signatures and to create the model itself causing a load of fuss!

          Unknown said...

          I didn't get issues 50 or 51 and i have called them about it 4 times now. Each time they just go hmm, that strange, you should have got it by now, then they tell me they are showing in stock but may not actually be and that they will order them for me again. They tell me if i haven't got them by such and such a date to call back, but as said i have done that 4 times now and it's the same each time. The next couple didn't come either, but when i called about those ones and they resent them i actually received those ones about a fortnight after i should have originally for them.
          I think their customer service is terrible. They are polite and all, but seem completely and utterly unable to offer any help beyond telling you to call back again and again. Seriously considering cancelling my subscription.

          Unknown said...

          I hear you. Hands down the worst customer service i have ever experienced. They'll happily keep taking your money, but not so keen on actually sending out the products you have ordered. Call them up, and they haven't a clue as to what has occurred. I was told issue 50 was was re-posted to me 4 times before i actually received it, 3 months late. Oh they're very nice and apologetic about it, but they never seem to do what they have assured you they would.
          My latest 2 issues are now nearly 2 weeks late. I have been trying to call them about it all week, but they have a new trick with their phone it would seem. Every day this week i have called them at 6.30pm only to be greeted by a recorded message stating that they are closed and their opening hours are 9am to 8pm. Umm, what? last i checked, 6.30pm is EARLIER than 8pm!! Can't explain that at all. I have called them several times at after 7pm.
          Sadly, they have me by the.....because i really like the collection and want to complete it. Ebay is no use because as is usually the case with collecting 'geek' memorabilia a bunch of assholes buy up as many as they can get their hands on and sell them for ridiculously overpriced amounts. I have seen ships listed as buy it now for £30 quid. I'm not sure they are worth the £10 they currently cost (soon to be £11) never mind £30+.

          Baldrick said...

          Like Gavin Montague I've had trouble with deliveries but have found emailing them works better than calling. I went two months with no deliveries then six items turned up on the same day.

          Also, I have just seen the SPECIAL EDITION ISS ENTERPRISE MIRROR (mentioned above) complete with MU1 MAG being advertised for sale on Ebay, before it's even been announced at $82 or £53(approx) seller seems sure of release since there is a waiting time for a buy it now item!

          Eaglemoss have emailed me offering the shuttles collection with a £20 discount and I noticed the 'Japanese' Borg Cube (not the crap one the UK got) on sale for £20 but out of stock.

          Unknown said...

          I finally received the Future Enerprise D about a month ago but still waiting for the Borg Cube. I can't understand why they started selling on their website (and now out of stock) before giving it to their existing subscribers. I'm sure I'm not the only one still waiting for it.

          mcarp555 said...

          Baldrick - The link you've supplied is for the 'crap' Borg cube we got here in the UK. I don't see the Japanese cube listed.

          Unknown said...

          For the most part the level of detail and craftsmanship is most excellent. Most models have amazing detail however some lack that detail as if whoever did it was rushed or didn't have detailed knowledge and left important details out. I hope they continue to release more ships especially from the books. I would really love to see the Achilles class battle cruiser the one with the broadside of quantum torpedoes. Also I think that making the series to scale would have been totally amazing. I understand you couldn't make a Borg cube and runabout to scale but mayb in groups like small ships and shuttles on one scale. Capital ships on another scale and large stations Borg cubes to another scale. Models being in scale makes their display together all that pre dramatic.

          Lee said...

          Hey guys, I noticed that the USS Titan petition has reached 5,061 signatures. Has anyone told Ben Robinson about this?

          Unknown said...

          Lee - He has known since September. He mentioned it on Twitter and implies that they are working on it

          Lee said...
          This comment has been removed by the author.
          Lee said...

          Hi Joe, thanks for the update.

          Unknown said...

          Would like to see a model of the U.S.S. Essex (Daedalus class) from ST:TNG episode "Power Play".

          Unknown said...

          Would like to see a model of the U.S.S. Essex (Daedalus class) from ST:TNG episode "Power Play".

          Unknown said...

          "left important details out."

          The Ambassador class is missing it's impulse engines. I don't mean they forgot to pain them, i mean they didn't put impulse engines on the model at all!

          Unknown said...

          Is anyone else getting royally sick of them downright wasting the specials on the crappy ships from the Abramsverse?

          Personally, i think the specials should have been all the Enterprises, and other 'hero' ships such as the Defiant or Voyager.

          hughe1971 said...

          for some reason they stopped mine at issue 69 anyone had the same I life in the uk

          Unknown said...

          I'm still waiting on them to deliver my ISS Enterprise I ordered about a month ago. hughe1971 do you mean 59? I'm up to my 63rd issue so far, 69 (Breen Warship) isn't out till March, and I'm in the UK as well.

          Unknown said...

          hughe1971 if you are a subscriber, like myself, and are not getting the recent models I would suggest contacting them to check whether your payments have gone through properly with them. My brother subscribes to the Doctor Who collection and a few months ago one of his payments didn't go through properly and so they stopped sending them to him without getting in touch with him quickly enough so he is now waiting for the back issues to still be sent out to him.

          Gojirasaurus said...

          Has Ben commented anywhere about the Japanese Borg Cube petition passing its require signatures? I see he's confirmed more about Titan coming, but I haven't seen acknowledgement anywhere yet that there's something in the works for the reissue of the DeAgostini Borg Cube.

          Anonymous said...

          It looks like he doesn't even know this petition.

          Gojirasaurus said...

          Then he must not know of the Titan one either, since the Cube petition is specifically mentioned in it. :)

          Anonymous said...

          Did he ever mentioned the borg cube petition? I don't think so. All he wrote was "no" to a possible release outside Japan.
          The Titan is confirmed. They are already working on the model.

          Gojirasaurus said...

          That was my question, to which you responded that it looked like he didn't even know of it, when he obviously had to (as I showed).

          The "no" you mention, was the reason why the Titan petition was started. I'm sure Ben said "no" to the Titan least before that petition became successful. They are only working on the model now due to the success of that petition.

          Since the Cube petition prompted the Titan one, and, now, since it is successful too, there's no reason not to expect the same, hence my question.

          So, has Ben responded to it anywhere yet? I'd love to hear he has...and of course with good news as well. :)

          Anonymous said...

          He did not. Remind him.

          Gojirasaurus said...

          Perhaps we all should...

          Unknown said...

          Hello All,

          Also have delivery problems with EAGLEMOSS in France.
          I've bought the DEFIANT set 2 months later. The Set is still available on french eaglemoss website, and shipping delays around 7/10 days.

          And for moment still never received it....

          That's pity but i will ask Paypal to return me money.

          Not very professional from EAGLEMOSS.


          Unknown said...

          Get used to it. Great models, but terrible company with dreadful customer service. You call them and they just fob you off with the same crap each time.

          Unknown said...

          Uss odyessy from the star trek odyessy serious would be a great model would love to see that and have one craig from dublin

          Unknown said...
          This comment has been removed by the author.
          Unknown said...

          i've had decent customer service from eaglemoss usa, but my gripe is with shipping. i have received what i believe to be my fair share of broken or otherwise damaged models. seems like every other month i get something that needs to be replaced. they do replace it, and usually pretty quickly, but better to package better.

          Ivan said...

          Here in Australia - we have 8 books not in binders, making then 4 months behind with binders.

          Issue 53 is MIA (they continued to supply issues 54 and 55 with no update on what's going on. Its a subscription service right, they know how many they need right?

          They haven't been able to verify if we are even going beyond the initial 70 ships yet.

          They don't respond to emails.

          Nice collection - service drives you crazy.

          teutonic said...

          Hi everyone.

          I am a subscriber in the US. I was getting everything fine until around issue 40. I believe this is when they opened offices in the US. Since this time every magazine that has arrived has been damaged. Corners are bent the edges are worn. I have talked to and emailed customer service numerous times. They sent some replacement issues but those where also damaged. I am still waiting on there response from my last email that was sent to the US and UK customer support. I am on issue 61 right now. I have not received any additional binders, which customer service said was now included in subscription.
          I am disappointed that they plan on milking the run past 70. I will probably drop it after issue 70 comes along. It is very expensive and had planned on a 70 issue run, not 110 or however many they think they can make.

          The models themselves are good but as others have noted there are errors.

          Unknown said...

          I agree bisset mags drive me nuts i got my 53 becuase i was getting them thorugh a newsagent because of there service but have had to go back im missing issue 51 not very happy with the newsagent it apperently never got loaded on the truck but i live in hope as for the binders dont even get me started ordered some way back last year and still no sign of them

          Unknown said...

          I agree bisset mags drive me nuts i got my 53 becuase i was getting them thorugh a newsagent because of there service but have had to go back im missing issue 51 not very happy with the newsagent it apperently never got loaded on the truck but i live in hope as for the binders dont even get me started ordered some way back last year and still no sign of them

          Unknown said...

          I enjoy the issues I get. They do replace things that are damaged for the US Postal service that is pretty rough with the packages. If you did not receive something they do get on it right away for any mistakes. The only thing that is annoying is the packaging or lack of that they use to make sure the items do not break or books get bent up. I expect high quality and in mint condition when Items are received. You guys just need to package things a lot better and you will not have to be sending replacement every time due to poor protection and packaging. I am happy other wise with what I have and look forward to others that are coming.🇺🇸😀

          Unknown said...

          I stopped their service about two years ago mostly because I was going overseas. But I decided to try again and saw all the comments again. The models are at best mediocre and yes. I have had several come to me broken. They could be better in detail and material and definatly not worth what they are being charged. After seeing all the reviews here I will not renew my subscription with them. Disappointing because I really wanted to collect all the models. Is there anywhere else that someone can purchase these models?

          Unknown said...

          love the ships that they bring out. although the ship I would love them to make doesn't appear to be on the potential list of ships to be made...
          the Elachi Escort it did appear briefly on Enterprise. the triangular shaped ship admittedly is more popular in the online MMORPG Star Trek Online.

          but again would love this ship to be made to add to my ever growing ship collection.

          Unknown said...

          I was hoping for dagra's ship, he was almost a main character in Enterprise series 3. His ship was in quite a few episodes. Way more than some of the ships we have already. Also Dagra was the leader of the Xindi and in the end helped Archer stop the weapon from being used to destroy earth. I asked eaglemoss if they where going to do it, they said no!!!! Im a bit disapointed with that, but such is life......

          Unknown said...

          could you post a 360 view of the gorn ship?

          Unknown said...

          I dont know what the timeline for the special editions are in Aus. We seem to be almost a year behind now. I am waiting for the Kelvin edition to come out.

          Unknown said...

          They're never doing Degra's ship? That sucks. I hope they do the Xindi Weapon as a special.

          Unknown said...

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          Unknown said...

          What about the Talarian Warship? That thing looked cool.

          Unknown said...

          Why does this page not get updated anymore?

          Unknown said...

          Damn you're back after 1 year !

          Unknown said...

          what about jem hader battleship for the star ships collection

          Anonymous said...

          Wow, updates!! Really pleased to see the page is live again

          Unknown said...

          more star ships price goes up what you going to do as long the quality is good

          Snowman said...

          When will this collection be complete ???

          Unknown said...

          What's the rarest ship and the most expansive ship in the collection now?

          Unknown said...

          Expensive *

          Unknown said...

          Does anyone know when this will end? The pricing is just plain silly now.

          Unknown said...

          When will this collection end? I dont have unlimited space for all of them to showcase. I thought i was buying 70 which tbh is more than enough, i now have 100+ more than i originally thought i would.

          Snowman said...

          The collection finishes at issue 180.

          Gojirasaurus said...

          A pity they didn't deliver on the promised BoBW Cube and a few other long-desired models. Hopefully another licensee will produce a Cube of the same quality as DeAgostini or better to finally fill the void of the missing Eaglemoss one.

          Unknown said...

          Hi, my brother was a sci fi fan, he collected the die cast models from the magazines. Sadly he passed away in June and there is a cabinet with about 20-30 models. Are these still collectible and if so how best to sell. The money will be going to charity.

          Find Star Trek comics, toys, statues, and collectibles at!