Drex Files in Exile

This page is an index of Drex Files in Exile posts on The Trek Collective. As the collection of posts grows, the articles listed below will be arranged into sections, to make it easy to find the bit of Star Trek history you're looking for.

What is Drex Files in Exile? Well, once upon a time there was a wonderful website called Drex Files, where Star Trek visual effects wizard, art department pro, make-up artist, all round mega-fan, and friend of trekkies everywhere, Doug Drexler, treated the world to regular looks behind the scenes at years of his work on Star Trek, from TV production and beyond. Alas the Drex Files are no more, but Doug carries on the good work on his Facebook profile instead. Missing the blog format of Drex Files, I reached out to Doug, and am delighted that has endorsed a cunning plan to open the files once more. So here on The Trek Collective you'll find regular posts from the Drex Files, in Exile. I'll be bringing back some of the old Drex Files articles, and re-presenting what Doug has posted on Facebook. You'll be able to find Drex Files posts on The Trek Collective under a dedicated tag, and via this index page, which you'll find a linked in the bar at the top of the site.

Enterprise starship designs

At work on TV productions

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Unknown said...

Thank You for bringing the Drex Files back, I really missed all of the great information Mr. Drexler used to post, and I avoid Facebook like the plague ;)

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