Tuesday 7 May 2013

Closer look at Hot Wheels USS Excelsior

A few days ago we got to have a good look at Hot Wheels USS Kelvin model, and now T-Hunted have posted images of the USS Excelsior. Both ships are expected in a forthcoming wave of new ships in the Hot Wheels Star Trek range. The Narada, which has previously been released in a multi-pack, as well as an as-yet undisclosed ship from Star Trek Into Darkness, are also expected in this wave, hopefully we'll see images of those soon too, as well as some idea of when we can the real things!


I mentioned with the Kelvin images, it's a pretty good year for that ship, with several different models coming. It's also not a bad year for the Excelsior, the class at least, as in addition to this Hot Wheels version there's the DST USS Enterprise-B. DST are also planning an Excelsior proper at some point down the line too.


Unknown said...

Looks great, as all the other Hot Wheels ships have. Hopefully the TOS Enterprise and NX-01 are still in the works for either this wave, or the next. I'm definitely getting the Kelvin, and can't imagine I'll pass up on whatever the Into Darkness ship is.

I'll be passing up the Excelsior in the hopes that they've got a Enterprise-B in the works. Most of the tooling exists with this, so I think it's likely that they'll make the necessary changes to release a Enterprise-B.

The Narada is kind of tempting, as it would look good next to the Kelvin. If I get it, it'll be the last from this wave I get.

Speaking of which, I'm really hoping they release a proper Enterprise-A, re-release the Enterprise-D, and then do the Enterprise-E. I'd hope for the Enterprise-C, but that's rather...unlikely to happen.

There's at least a couple of nuTrek ships I would love to see made. A new release of the Enterprise, the Vengeance, that weird round ship, the new Bird-of-Prey, the Jellyfish (if possible), something from the game's Gorn ships, and any other Klingon ships we get to see.

Erik Parrent said...

Where can I get these? Are they in the toy aisle with the other Hot Wheels?

8of5 said...

Even of Hot Wheels don't do all those ships, the Starships magazine collection should deliver most of them (if you can get it).

And Erik, I'm not sure to be honest. They're not out yet, but when they are: I don't know if any retailers have put together Star Trek modules at the moment. Otherwise yeah I guess with other Hot Wheels. I get all this kind of stuff online though.

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