Sunday 19 May 2013

Star Trek art from the Bad Robot Art Show

Gallery1988 in Los Angeles recently held an exhibition of art inspired by the work of Bad Robot, featuring pieces based on the likes of Lost, Cloverfield, Super 8, and of course Star Trek. If you didn't have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, here is some of the cool, weird, and wonderful Star Trek art that was on show. Links from the artist's names take you to their own sites (where I could find one), while links to titles take you to Gallery1988's listings, where some of the pieces are still available to buy if you like them:

The bad robot itself found its way to the Enterprise in Stephen Andrade's Bad Robot On Board. Andrade also did a really cool pulp fiction style cover using this image.

Andrew DeGraff made the Path Of The Trek, a map version of the first nuTrek film. I've previously featured his similar Star Wars maps on one of my other blogs, it's such a cool way to illustrate a story:

There were some really nice poster designs, such as Mayra Fersner's Hire Orion Tutors:

Scott Derby's TAS inspired To Boldly Go:

Ian Glaubinger's recruitment poster style Launch Into Your Future:

Sam Gilbey's The End Of Vulcan:

Ryan Berkley's nuTrek version of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster, Refresh:

Continue after the jump for loads more:

Here's Matt Ferguson's beautiful rendition of the Kelvin's encounter with the Narada, Looks Like A Lightning Storm:

Furturtle Printworks meanwhile has the Narada almost appearing to eat the Enterprise, in Down With The Enterprise:

The Enterprise plummeting to Earth in Into Darkness inspired several pieces. Such as Doug LaRocca's slightly daunting travel poster style Stardate 2259:

Graham Pilling made neat use of lines to give the impression of both speed and movement as well as forming the city skyline below, in Enterprise Down:

Given Jason Liwag's piece is called Punch It, I believe it is based on the Enterprise at warp, but it shares the same sort of format as the above pieces.

Rhys Cooper's "Into Darkness", meanwhile takes the Enterprise along with several other elements from the film. Available in two different colours:

Another popular theme in the show was Spock, who was the subject of illustrations in many styles. Bruce Yan's space filled Mr. Spock is surely the prettiest:

Mike Maas meanwhile, gives us a pleasingly alien Spock in, Lost In Space:

Casey Weldon gives us somewhat surreal double Spock in, Highly Illogical:

Munk One's Live Long And Prosper:

Ken Garduno's Spock:

Bruce White's Quinto As Spock:

Jason Marz gives us two Spocks, in New and Old:


Rocco Malatesta's Spock:

Ellen Schinderman's Live Long and Cross Stitch:

Some of the other characters did also manage to get some love. Kirk and Uhura join Spock in Cuyler Smith's Enterprise Crew Triptych:

Uhura gets the cute pin-up treatment in Andrew Wilson's She Can Take It:

While she appears to have been turned into a little robot in Wade Schin's Tiny Trek:

All the main characters get some love in Amanda Scurti's Enterprise Crew portraits:


Everyone one features in Miranda Dressler's Startrek '09 as well:

The Spocks are back in Nick Comparone's series of portraits, but are also joined by Kirk, all sprayed onto pages of text:


Nero looms over the Enterprise like some sort of giant space djinn in Matthew Skiff's A Thousand Times:

And finally, Adam Hanson's cute Enterprise:

Check out Gallery1988's website to see art based on other Bad Robot series and films. While for more Star Trek art, check out my previous coverage of Q Pop's Beam Me Up Star Trek art show, Peter Markowski's beautiful concepts for a new animated series, Matt Ferguson's brilliant TOS movie poster designs, or generally just have a browse under my art or made by trekkies labels.


Dayton Ward said...

I'd buy a book collecting that art.

8of5 said...

That would be cool! We're getting Juan Ortiz's posters as a book later in the year, would be nice to see more Trek artists get some booky love.

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