Tuesday 14 May 2013

Ships of the Line 2014 front cover

Amazon have updated their listing for Ships of the Line 2014 with a shiny new cover. According to the back cover it is called "Nothing But Trouble", and was made by Douglas E Graves. It features the proto Klingon battle cruiser which was originally designed for Enterprise, but was never used on-screen and has subsequently been used in several TOS images in the Ships of the Line series. This cover is notable as the first in the fourteen year run to not include an Earth or Federation starship! Klingon ships have appeared on the covers before, but never on their own. It's certainly a design worthy of the cover, shame it never got used on Enterprise.

If you missed it before, here's the back cover:

Amazon updates have also moved some of the release dates, it appears Ships of the Line, and the 2014 daily calendar, will both be out in August, while the TOS, Into Darkness, and Engagement Calendar have all been pulled forward, now expected in July.

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