Saturday 4 May 2013

Latest looks at USS Kelvin models

It seems to be the year of the USS Kelvin, with at least four models in various sizes and styles on the way. Those include a Hallmark Keepsake ornament, and now John Tenuto has tweeted details of a battle damaged variant of that one on the way as well, to be released as an exclusive at either the San Diego or New York Comic Cons. Here she is:

One of the other versions on the way is one of the ships in the latest Hot Wheels model starship series. T-Hunted has posted lots of images of this one, showing off the model from all angles:

Thanks to my reader Darth Duranium for pointing me towards this, and also highlighting a curiosity with the Hot Wheels ships: It seems online retailers have withdrawn their pre-orders for the series. Hopefully the fact these images have just been released is indicative the new ships are still coming, maybe just with some delay, or changes to the line-up.

If you're curious, the other Kelvins are the mini Kre-O construction toy (which is out already), and the larger QMx version. The only other Kelvin before now was a caricatured Burger King toy.

For some reason the most glaringly obvious USS Kelvin model, which was product-placed in the first film, the salt shaker version, remains unmade.


Unknown said...

I'm definitely going to get the retail version of the Kelvin ornament, but...that exclusive will certainly be tempting. I wonder which con it'll be exclusive to. My guess would be NYCC.

I'm really hoping that the Hot Wheels ships haven't been cancelled. That Kelvin will be a must if/when it's released. As will the Kre-O version when I find it.

The Qmx model is going to be tempting, but that'll ultimately depend on size and price.

A salt shaker Kelvin would be interesting, but I can't imagine that'll ever get produced. I still really wish Playmates would have done a Kelvin when they still had the licensing.

8of5 said...

I can't say I lament Playmates not doing a Kelvin that much. I didn't get there Enterprise, it looks a bit clunky.

The Voice of My Conscience said...

I like their Enterprise. It's stood the test of time and is remarkably accurate.

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