Friday 31 January 2020

The End is The Beginning trailer, Picard support shows, and assimilation sign

CBS have released a trailer for episode three of Picard, The End of the Beginning, introducing the series' ship La Sirena and it's captain(?) Cristóbal Rios. Nación Trek has been good enough to get it online (UPDATE: Now on too):

A clip from the episode also features in this week's episode of The Ready Room, which also has a great featurette on the Romulan makeup in the series, and long chat with writer and producer Akiva Goldsman (also on, Facebook, or Instagram if you're geolocked our of YouTube below):

New TOS movie era coats from Volante Design

Volante Design have revealed their latest Star Trek streetwear creation, a range of coats inspired by the Starfleet uniform of The Wrath of Khan and the rest of the subsequent TOS movie era. Starfleet 2293 coat is available in mens and womens cuts, and a surprising variety of colours, continue below to check it out:

Thursday 30 January 2020

Star Trek Online celebrates 10 years with Legacy

Star Trek Online have announced a new tenth anniversary celebratory expansion, Legacy, which among other things will bring Jeri Ryan back to the game to reprise her role as Seven of Nine, in her new Picard style, and for the first time feature Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham.

The two distant characters would appear to be brought together by a new two-part "episode" in the game, The Measure of Morality, which sees captains visit Excalbia, where the Excalbians have begun a test of good and evil, akin to their original TV appearance in TOS's The Savage Curtain. Completing this mission will be another way you can win one of the recently announced Khitomer class starships in the game.

If the trailer is anything to go by, this game will be a nostalgic visit to STO's Star Trek universe spanning previous adventures:

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Picard episode titles, blurbs, stills, cast photos and biogs, and more!

A round up of the latest Picard new and images today, starting with new details of the next few episodes. Continue below for that and much more:

CBS have now released titles for the first five episodes, and blurbs for the next two. These are a bit spoilery, so you want to skim past the quoted sections if you're avoiding spoilers:

Episode 2: Maps and Legends
Picard begins investigating the mystery of Dahj as well as what her very existence means to the Federation. Without Starfleet’s support, Picard is left leaning on others for help, including Dr. Agnes Jurati and an estranged former colleague, Raffi Musiker. Meanwhile, hidden enemies are also interested in where Picard’s search for the truth about Dahj will lead.
Episode 3: The End is the Beginning
Completely unaware of her special nature, Soji continues her work and captures the attention of the Borg cube research project’s executive director. After rehashing past events with a reluctant Raffi, Picard seeks others willing to join his search for Bruce Maddox, including pilot and former Starfleet officer Cristóbal Rios (Santiago Cabrera).
Episode 4: Absolute Candor

Episode 5: Stardust City Rag

CBS have also released a handful of new images from this week's episode, Maps and Legends, featuring Narek, Soji, and of course Picard:

Sunday 26 January 2020

KeySmart launches Star Trek designs

KeySmart, makers of a little gadgety thing that makes your keys neater, have launched some new Star Trek designs in their range, one based on TOS, and one on TNG. Naturally these future inspired designs are used on KeySmart Pro products, which has some additional clever mobile tech to make sure you also don't lose your keys (or your phone).

KaySmart is sort of a keyring crossed with a DIY Swiss Army Knife; you can take the thing apart, and then insert your keys - It can hold up to fourteen - and once reassembled they swivel in and out of the KeySmart keeping them neat. The KeySmart Pro also features a built in bottle-opener and torch, and uses the Tile app to makes your keys findable using your phone. Or, if you have your keys but not your phone, you can use it the other way round. All the gadgety functions are charged via a USB port.

Saturday 25 January 2020

Discovery season two soundtrack coming to vinyl

Lakeshore Records have revealed their rather splendid vinyl edition of Jeff Russo's Discovery season two soundtrack. The two-disc set features colourful, and partly transparent “Interstellar Splatter” discs, and artwork based on the season two opening title sequence. It's due out in March from Fye in the US, and Amazon in the UK. TrekCore released this image showing it off.

CherryTree launch their Picard Borg Cube

CherryTree, makers Borg Cubes PCs (surely some sort of cunning domestic assimilation plan from the collective), have launched their latest model, the limited edition Star Trek Picard Borg Cube. This cube stands apart from its predecessors thanks to its unique design, with an inset sub-cube, and forcefield protected voids, all of which are brought to life with some fancy lighting.

RockLove launch new Star Trek jewellery line, including screen replica Picard piece

Jewellery designers/makers RockLove have made a triumphant return to the world of Star Trek with the launch of their new Star Trek X collection, which includes a variety of Star Trek alien inspired pieces, and a very special replica item from Picard.

As seen worn by Dahj in the first episode of Picard, the Omega Necklace is perfect screen replica, using the same sculpts as the on-screen prop which was made by RockLove's designer Allison Cimino.

Friday 24 January 2020

Picard season trailer, Ready Room, and behind the scenes

With the first episode of Picard now available around the world it's time to get excited about what comes next! Continue below to check out a tantalising season trailer, and a smattering of behind the scenes bits and pieces for the series so far. All of which of course include some degree of spoilers for the first episode, so continue no further if you've not watched it yet!

If you have, then point your eyes back this way and drink in this exciting trailer for episodes to come:

Thursday 23 January 2020

Borg coming to the Kelvin timeline in latest Fleet Command missions

The Borg are coming to the Kelvin timeline, in the latest expansion for the video game Fleet Command. A series of monthly events will form the first "Seasonal Arc" in the game.

Scopely have announced new Borg missions will be available to play, and each event will reward players with resources, materials, and shards towards claiming a Borg officer for the player's crew.

The first of those events is Borg Reconnaissance, and well, the promo art doesn't look like everything is going to go well for the Kelvin timeline's Starfleet!

Wednesday 22 January 2020

2021 Star Trek calendar line-up revealed

We may barely be into 2020, but it's already time to start musing on what calendar you want for next year! The 2021 Star Trek calendar line-up has been revealed, with, so far, eight different designs on the way. Those include the return of familiar calendar formats and themes we've had for many years, plus some new options for next year.

Continue below to check them out. Though do note the images below almost certainly do not represent the final product in at least some cases, with previously used artwork being used as a stand-in here until the publishers are ready to show off new imagery at a later date. They do at least give us a flavour of what to expect.

So first up, the US releases, from Universe Publishing, who have six different designs on the way. Those include a new Star Trek Cats calendar. We have had a couple of Star Trek Cats calendars before, from Chronicle Books (who published the books they are based on), in 2018 and 2019, each focusing solely on TOS and TNG respectively. With Universe taking the reins this time the new calendar includes artwork from both eras.

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Star Trek Online introduces a Federation/Klingon hybrid ship

In the world of Star Trek Online the Federation and the Klingons have swung from being friends, to being at war, to now being really good friends - And that apparently means their starships are now having hybrid babies!

Coming soon, as part of a 10th anniversary event, will be the Khitomer class Alliance Battlecruiser, the first original design from the in-universe Allied Cooperative Starship Development Board, which brings together Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan expertise to build the new Allied Fleet Service between the three powers - You can read more about the in-universe explanation in a Star Trek Online lore blog.

Monday 20 January 2020

Funko Pop! Discovery figures on the way

Funko have revealed their return to Star Trek with a preview of two forthcoming Discovery characters in their Pop! vinyl range. Coming soon are Michael Burnham and Saru:

UPDATE: Entertainment Earth now have these up for pre-order, suggesting a July release.

Friday 10 January 2020

Tribbles breakfast cereal art prints!

In a gloriously strange product choice the latest offering on the Star Trek Shop is a range of poster prints of the Tribbles breakfast cereal box art, as seen in the post-credits mock-advert from last year's tribble-stuffed Short Treks episode, The Trouble with Edward.

The Tribbles cereal range includes the classic Tribbles: Original Flavour, appealing Hairy Berry, the according-to-the-advert new flavour Spicy Ranch (with sheriff tribble mascot!), and not seen on-screen there also an additional Cinnamon Tribbles ("the non-stop pop") variety! Check out the not-exactly-appetizing jokes in the small print!

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