Tuesday 31 August 2021

Star Trek Prodigy's opening titles give us a great look at the USS Protostar. Plus casting and character updates.

Paramount+ have released the opening title sequence (albeit without any credits at the moment) for Star Trek Prodigy, the new animated series for younger viewers. They have also announced some new casting, and character details. Continue below for all the latest on the series.

The sequence is a beautiful montage of shots of the series ship, the USS Protostar, giving us a great look at the new design and it's interesting engines! Check it out (also up on StarTrek.com, YouTube, or Twitter if you prefer to Instagram embedded below):

Sunday 29 August 2021

IDW The Mirror War comic updates

IDW 's big Star Trek event for the next year or so is The Mirror War(ad), the latest entry in their occasional mostly-TNG based mirror universe continuity, and their latest round of solicitations, other cover releases, and some artist teases, give us a few hints of where that series is going. Continue below to check out new covers and art:

The latest announced issue, The Mirror War #2(ad), is due out in November, and will be written by David and Scott Tipton, with art by Gavin Smith (as is the whole main series in this year-long event). Here's the blurb, noting an appearance by "The Obnoxious Okona":

Return to the Mirror Universe of The Next Generation with this brand-new series from writers David & Scott Tipton! 

When one of Picard’s secret supply caches is raided by “The Obnoxious Okona”—putting an obstacle in the way of the crew getting to Faundori—the Captain vows revenge. Meanwhile, Worf remains on their trail…

The book will be offered in three different covers, and all three have already been revealed, with more characters due to appear identified from the artwork. 

The A cover(ad) by J.K. Woodward prominently features Worf, alongside a Klingon Bird of Prey, La Forge, Beverly and Wesley Crusher, and a Cardassian. The B cover(ad) by Amanda Madriaga meanwhile brings us Benjamin Sisko and Ro Laren. Ro is also prominent on Mark Alvarado rarer retailer incentive variant cover.

Friday 27 August 2021

Lower Decks round-up: We'll Always Have Tom Paris previews and Kayshon, His Eyes Open extra content

This week's new Lower Decks episode is the delightfully titled We'll Always Have Tom Paris; as usual Paramount+ have released a little episode trailer and a bunch of stills. There's also a good dose of extra contents relating to last week's episode. So continue below to check out all that, but first, here's a new season trailer too, featuring several new snippets of things to come:

Wednesday 25 August 2021

One-week Mego Star Trek action figure exclusives from Topps. plus the latest Mego TOS, TNG, and 14 inch releases

Retro action figure makers Mego recently announced a new partnership with Topps to release exclusive action figures on a weekly basis, and on just the second week of this initiative, there are two new Mego Star Trek figures on offer, for one week only. Continue below to check them out, plus their latest TOS and TNG character regular releases, and their new larger sized 14 inch figures.

The Topps arrangement is in effect a crowdfunding pre-order offer, where new characters are offered for a one-week pre-order period, and so long as a minimum order threshold is met, they go into production, and arrive about 90-100 business days later - So these first two characters should turn up in January.

On offer now we have a The Motion Picture version of Spock:

This is the first Motion Picture release in the new era of Mego (which relaunched a couple of years ago), but of course Mego has done a lot of TMP toys(ad) in the past, being the main toy company for the film at release. That included Spock in a twelve inch action figure assortment(ad), and curiously this new figure appears to be modelled after that figure as much as the film, with the prominent grey V neck shared between the two toys, but I don't think Spock on-screen!

Tuesday 24 August 2021

EXO-6 reveal Captain Janeway action figure, and tease more characters on the way

High quality Star Trek action figure makers EXO-6 launched their Decorated Captains series, with Voyager's Captain Janeway the first figure in the assortment which will bring us all the classic-era TV captains, and a companion character for each. Continue below for a close look at this new figure, and some teases of future characters.

Like the previous releases from EXO-6, Captain Janeway is 1:6 scale (about 30cm tall), features a realistic head sculpt, a highly detailed fabric uniform, with built in combadge and magnetic holsters for other accessories. She also has thirty points of articulation for high poseability, and comes with a transporter pad styled display base. Here she is in action:

Sunday 22 August 2021

Star Trek Magazine is reborn, as Star Trek Explorer

Titan Magazine's long-running Star Trek Magazine is getting a relaunch, with this October bringing us issue #1 of the new Star Trek Explorer. Check out the details of that first issue, and other Titan Publishing Star Trek releases, below:

Star Trek Explorer: The Official Magazine(ad)  is set to feature interviews, behind the scenes coverage, and new fiction content. Here's the blurb for the first issue:

STAR TREK EXPLORER THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE LAUNCHES A NEW ERA OF BELOVED SHOW! Featuring exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Star Trek series as well as behind-the-scenes content you won't find anywhere else! This new magazine will also feature Star Trek exclusive fiction! Plus much more!

The covers for the first issue suggest an emphasis on interviews with the Discovery cast and crew for this issue, alongside a Kirk-focused "mini-magazine", a "Star Trek 101" explainer feature, and the promised "exclusive fiction". The previous Star Trek Magazine has before featured Star Trek Online based short stories, and excerpts form Star Trek novels; will this new format continue those sort of things, or maybe offer so some completely new short stories from different corners of the Trekverse? The only clue is that Disco-era Captain Pike is used to illustrate the new fiction tag on the cover (alongside "all-new magazine" and "new features" mind you).

The book will be offered in two covers, either the regular edition(ad) featuring Burnham in an EV suit, of the Previews exclusive edition(ad) using Tim Anderson's TOS art from the 50 Artists 50 Years collection(ad).

Friday 20 August 2021

Eaglemoss starship previews: Final STO ship, first Discovery ship in the Universe collection, and loads of classic TOS, TNG, and Voyager ships on the way!

Eaglemoss: Hero Collector have announced several new issues in their various starship model collections, including the final model from the Star Trek Online series, the first Discovery ship in the Universe series, and a whole bunch of new bonus issues offering up ships from Voyager, TNG, and TOS! Continue below to check them all out:

First up we have issue twenty in the Star Trek Online series(ad) Star Trek Online series, the USS Concorde(ad). This four-nacelled design original to the game is due to arrive in November.

Thursday 19 August 2021

Lower Decks season two and episode two previews, and Strange Energies behind the scenes and extra content

This week brings us episode two of Lower Decks season two, and as usual Parmount+ have shared lots of previews of both this episode and the whole season ahead. There's also a bunch of behind the scenes stuff and extra content based on last week's episode. So continue below for all the Lower Decks latest:

First up, here's the new reference packed season two trailer (also up on StarTrek.com if you prefer to Instagram video)

Tuesday 17 August 2021

The Roddenberry Archive to digitalise Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek legacy and create new starship experiences

The Roddenberry estate have teamed up with cloud graphics company OTOY to create a new digital record of the work of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, The Roddenberry Archive. The project will seek to digitalise numerous documents and photographs, digitally capture and preserve 3D artefacts such as filming miniatures, and create new digital models of major Star Trek starships, with the promise of holographic experiences built off of the latter.

Here's a little intro video looking at what they're doing, featuring the the gaggle of behind the scenes Trek experts also involved: Denise and Mike Okuda, Doug Drexler and Daren Dochterman.

Their stated aim is to:

...preserve and present this information for

1) Those studying Roddenberry’s career now and, in the future.

2) For those who appreciate his work and simply want to experience a part of his invented worlds.

3) For posterity to provide accurate information for those involved in future productions and other projects based on Roddenberry’s work.

They will use the new digital assets to present life-size holographic displays, and according to Variety, will also be creating NFTs (nonfungible token), part of a current craze in crypto assets, which would presumably allow the archive to also generate income. 

Continue below for more previews of the work already in progress:

Saturday 14 August 2021

Book bits: Final Coda cover revealed, new blurb, other novel updates, and Star Trek Online short story collection

The final cover for the Coda trilogy(ad) has been revealed, as has a new blurb from the series, and a surprise Star Trek Online short story collection. Continue below for more on these, and all the latest Star Trek prose updates.

Next month begins the Coda trilogy, a series which will bring together the heroes of the Star Trek novel continuity of pre-Picard reset in a "Temporal Apocalypse" mega event. The cover for the final book in the trilogy, David Mack's Oblivion's Gate(ad), which will close the story in November, has finally been revealed, and stars the USS Defiant, seemingly beginning to vanish from reality!

Thursday 12 August 2021

Lower Decks season two clips, trailers, T-shirts, and character logs!

 Lower Decks season two arrives this week, and leading up to the first episode Paramount+ have been very busy releasing clips, trailers, and other promo, including new Star Trek Logs giving little snippets of extra story from different character's points of view. Continue below to check out the countdown teases.

First up, there's this neat new key art for the season, clearly inspired by The Wrath of Khan poster art.

The Star Trek Logs Instagram account, which gave us little character point of view moments throughout Discovery season three, has now been reactivated for duty throughout Lower Decks season two! New logs will be released each week reflecting on the latest episodes, and ahead of the first episode three logs were posted looking back at the end of the first season, from Rutherford, Captain Freeman, and Dr T'Ana:

Wednesday 11 August 2021

New images and details of the Playmobil USS Enterprise

Following initial listings and details of Playmobil's huge USS Enterprise playset(ad) a month or so ago, Playmobil have now started to more actively promote the release, due in September, on their website, social media, and to the wider media. This includes the release of loads of new images of impressive model, and new details about some of its play features. Continue below to check out the latest.

The key features of the meter long model are that it includes built in playsets of the bridge and engineering, all seven of the main TOS characters in Playmobil-figure form, electronic lights and sounds, and an interactive app to further bring it to life.

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Latest Star Trek Shipyards book preview pages introduce the ships of the 32nd century Starfleet

Check out Discovery's 32nd century fleet, in our best look yet at all the many varied designs of Starfleet's distant future!

This is the chapter heading image from Eaglemoss: Hero Collector's new updated edition of the Star Trek Shipyards: Starfleet Ships 2294 - the Future(ad) book, which is due out this month. The Star Trek: Shipyards(ad) series builds upon content from the various versions of The Official Starships Collection, along with new pages, to catalogue the starships of the Star Trek universe, and this new updated volume lets Eaglemoss add in content for new ships from Discovery, Picard, and Lower Decks. It will also add in the Akira class which was erroneously omitted from the first edition. Continue below for more preview pages.

Year Five #23 covers, preview pages, and artwork

Issue twenty-three(ad) of IDW's Star Trek: Year Five(ad) comic series was released last week, and is the middle book in the three-part finale story for the series, Ithaca. Continue below to check out covers, preview pages, and some cool behind the scenes art.

The book, and entire final story, is written by Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly, with art for this issue by Stephen Thompson, inked by Elisabetta D'Amico, and coloured by Charlie Kirchoff. As usual is it available in a choice of two covers; the main one(ad) is also by Stephen Thompson (coloured by Charlie Kirchoff) and features the USS Enterprise bursting free of a Tholian web; or you can track down a rarer retail incentive cover(ad) by JJ Lendl, this issue styled in the form of a promotional poster for the Constitution class refit program. Check them out:

Find Star Trek comics, toys, statues, and collectibles at TFAW.com!