Tuesday 7 May 2013

Turn yourself into a Star Trek character with Cubify's amazing 3D printing

A few months ago StarTrek.com announced Cubify would soon be launching a range of 3D-printed Star Trek figurines. That day has now come, and what they've come up with is pretty amazing! Using Cubify's Star Trek website, with just two photos, you can put your face on a figurine, making yourself a TOS era Starfleet officer. You can select your gender, pose (with a variety of accessories), build, uniform, rank, and an inscription to put on the base. Here are a few examples:

And here's a video showing how it all works:

Engadget have also posted a video looking at the process, with a bit more context on 3D printing in general. You'll also find a gallery of the figurines they created in their report.

The TOS figures are just the start, they plan similar TNG and DS9 versions in future, and are also thinking about customisable accessories and starships!


Unknown said...

This is tempting...very...VERY tempting. Kind of expensive, but with something like this that makes sense. I'll have to save-up and do this. Hopefully they'll still be offering it by the time I've put away enough extra cash. Not sure if I would get a TNG version of "me", but I've definitely got to get a TOS version. Customizable accessories for them would be interesting, but I have to admit, I'm MUCH more interested in the idea of a custom starship.

8of5 said...

Agreed, it's very cool. While I generally prefer ships to figures, I think the sort of customisations you could make to a ship are less cool than the individuality of a you figure.

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