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Friday, 15 February 2019

Star Trek comics update: New covers and art previews for Captain Saru, The Q Conflict, Transformers, and Waypoint

IDW and their artists have been busy releasing new covers and teases of things they're working on lately, so continue below to check out lots of exciting stuff from almost all the Star Trek series (sorry Kelvin timeline fans, nothing for you).

First up with have a new retail incentive cover for the forthcoming Discovery one shot, Captain Saru (set shortly before Captain Pike came and stole his chair!). This retail incentive cover is from Angel Hernandez, who is also doing the interior artwork. The book should be out this month.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Eaglemoss Discovery ships updates: First look at Sarcophagus ship, another Disco-Enterprise, tardigrade, and more!

Eaglemoss have updated their listings for ships in the Discovery Starships Collection, giving us first looks and new looks at several forthcoming ships. Continue below for all the latest:

First up we have our first look at the first larger special issue in the series, the Klingon Sarcophagus ship. Even as a larger model it seems hard to do this ship justice with all it's pointy details, but they've certainly had a good crack at it! The US Eaglemoss shop has this down for March release.

UPDATE: Eaglemoss have released a much higher res image of this model as part of their Toy Fair press release:

Discovery: Saints of Imperfection previews

This week's fifth episode of Discovery season two is Saints of Imperfection, and as ever CBS have released a trailer and images for what looks to be a big spore drive unspooling episode.

Here's the trailer, via Instagram (or for slightly higher res):

CBS's preview images for the episode are particularly spoilery this week regarding who's in the episode, so if you'd rather not know, look no further (the most spoilery image is a few down):

Eaglemoss Build the USS Enterprise-D part work launches

Eaglemoss have launched a new Star Trek magazine a model partwork series, Build the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, which does exactly what the title says! Each issue includes parts to build a large (70+ cm long) model of the Enterprise-D, with built in lighting features, and of course comes with a magazine, in this case split between building instructions and behind the scenes articles.

The model is meant to be a hybrid of details from the various studio models used in the series to try and best represent the ship, while also converting it into a model kit issued in many pieces. The kit is either assembled by clicking it together or screwing in certain parts. It does still manage to have a working saucer separation feature. Here are a few images of the model from the subscription site:

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Valentines Star Trek style: Romantic Trek-shirts from Fifth Sun, and new Star Trek jewellery

Are you in the mood for love? Continue below for some Trek-inspired Valentines fashion!

Fifth Sun have released a big range of Valentine's themed Star Trek T-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies, with playful takes on Trek tropes, and a lot of hearts!

My favourite appears to have taken inspiration from ThinkGeek's Valentine's tribble of a few years ago, with an added punny caption! This and most of the designs below are available on multiple clothing types to suit different preferences and bodies.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Oodles of Discovery production art from Disco panel at Director’s Guild of Canada

This weekend the Director’s Guild of Canada hosted a special Star Trek: Discovery panel, with many members of the the production team discussing and showing their work from the series. The panel largely focused on season one set design, but also looked at some of other details, and a few hints at things to come. Continue below to check out what was shared.

Prior to event the DGC also shared several sets of artwork, some of which don't appear to have been discussed at the panel itself. For instance this interesting set of drawings and photos from set designer Michael Stanek on the construction of the Discovery shuttlecraft set:

Saturday, 9 February 2019

New Star Trek activewear from Wild Bangarang

Wild Bangarang have launched a new range of Star Trek activewear, with an initial offering leggings, crop tops, and a skirt drawing inspiration from TOS and TNG. Continue below to check out all their designs.

There are several costume inspired pieces in their range, the most distinctive of which is a pair of Borg leggings, which transform your legs into those of a drone!

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Discovery: Point of Light behind the scenes

The cast and crew have had a lot to share from behind the scenes of last week's Discovery episode, Point of Light, continue below to check out Klingons, Section 31, and more.

This episode saw the return of Kenneth Mitchell to the cast, but of course not as the quite-dead Kol, but instead as his father, the grizzly and rather more hairy Kol-Sha. Mitchell shared a couple of great photos of his new look on Instagram:

Eaglemoss starships: V'Ger and Discovery ships previews, plus hints of things to come

Eaglemoss' latest survey gives us a look at the possible future of The Official Starships Collection, with proposals for a twenty-ship extension, plus lots of new images of the latest Discovery issues in the series. Continue below for all that, but first, let's have a closer look at the next special issue in the series, V'Ger.

Eaglemoss have released a lot of new images of this model, and a few preview pages from the magazine too, via their Hero Collector blog, and listings on the UK web shop. This is currently expected to arrive later this month.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Discovery: An Obol for Charon previews, and other screen-Trek updates

Got a few updates from Star Trek on screen (TV and film), below, starting with the latest previews for the next Discovery episode,  An Obol for Charon. Here's a great trailer for the episode; looks exciting! (You can also see it a bit higher res on

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Star Trek toys prototypes and production assets at auction

There's some pretty cool Star Trek stuff on offer in Prop Store's latest auction, of toys and memorabilia. Among the reams of Star Wars stuff you'll find a healthy selection of Star Trek toys, spanning a good chunk of Star Trek toy history, including some pretty unique items, such as unreleased action figures, prototypes, and production art. Continue below to check out what's on offer:

My favourites among the listings are a series of molds for The Final Frontier figurines produced by Galoob. These were made by roto-molding, which Prop Store have an excellent description of in their auction catalogue:
Rotational molding or “roto-molding” uses liquid vinyl material to create items such as baby doll heads or squeeze toys. The molds are composed of one piece with an opening. A set amount of vinyl is poured into the opening, which is then capped and rotated in many directions while heated until the material forms an even, detailed coat on the inside of the mold. While still warm, the part is pulled from the mold and allowed to cool. Roto-molding is a very economical manufacturing method because the mold is cheap to produce and simple to use.

The molds themselves are made by submerging a wax pattern in a bath and electroplating onto it until the desired mold thickness is reached. The wax is then melted out of the mold, leaving the “clean” form inside. The inside of the mold is where the detailing lies; therefore, the exterior may only provide a marginal representation of the final toy.
All five character's in Galoob's Final Frontier range are available, Klaa, Sybok, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, although most of the molds are missing parts, with just Klag and McCoy complete (I wonder if you could make your own figures from them?)

Friday, 1 February 2019

QMx Discovery Enterprise and mirror universe insignia badges, plus red angel print

QMx are releasing a whole bunch of new insignia badges, ready for you to join the crews of the Discovery USS Enterprise, or become part of the Terran Empire. And if that's not enough Disco for your life, you can also now get your very own red angel stained glass window! Continue below for all the details.

Available soon from QMx are the new Enterprise style Discovery-era insignia badges, which are offered in command, science, operations, and medical variants. Like most Qmx badges these feature magnetic backs for damage-free wear. In a new twist each badge also comes with a mini pin version of the badge.

Eaglemoss Starships: Second version of the Enterprise-F and other updates

Got lots of new images of new and forthcoming ships in Eaglemoss' Official Starships Collection today. Starting with a surprise addition to the line-up:

Freshly added to the Eaglemoss UK webshop is a second version of the USS Enterprise-F bonus issue! The previously seen very monotone grey version has just recently moved to pre-order status on the webshop is being supplemented with this more Star Trek Online accurate edition of the ship; with a brighter base colour and dark highlights giving it a lot more pop. Eaglemoss have dubbed these the Federation livery and Star Trek Online livery. The STO version isn't available to order yet, but is expected to arrive by the end of the month, so both editions should be coming about the same time.