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8of5, the writer, editor, and researcher of this blog, is a life long trekkie with a passion for all the Star Trek series, and a general fan of all things geeky; with particular passions for Lego, dinosaurs, and Stargate, alongside Star Trek.

8of5 is the name I used when I first started interacting with the online Star Trek community as an avid fan of the computer game Star Trek: Armada. It is a Borg designation based on my assumptions about the Borg naming system whereby I am drone number eight of unit number five (as opposed to drone number eight of a total of five drones). This makes perfect sense to me, but has sometimes caused confusion, and thus I dub myself, the "numerically challenged drone".

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The Trek Collective
Dedicated to finding and reporting the latest news on Star Trek novels, comics, toys, games, and indeed any other Star Trek goodies I can discover. Originally known as 8of5's Guide to the Trek Collective, my now less-of-a-mouthfulified Star Trek blog is the focus of my blogging activities.

Trek Collective Lists 
A site focused on listings of all things Star Trek, including reading lists, bibliographies, products lists for toys and homewares, and more.

Trek Collective Archives
My slowly growing collection of articles collecting information on Star Trek items and information of today and yesterday, including collections of book covers, data from lost websites, and other media.

Ferengi Finds 
A separate Twitter account listing the latest Star Trek sales, deals, and bargains.

Other Blogs (inactive)

Trek Collective Multiverse
My place to explore my geeky interests outside of Star Trek: books, movies, toys, and whatever else I think is interesting and might interest others.

The Brickverse
Another of my passions is Lego, so I've got a place to blog about that too! News of new sets, Lego goodies, and the latest awesome MOCs, brick films, and cool projects from Lego Ideas.

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Adam said...

Not sure how to communicate this, but the three ebooks you just wrote about are not available for pre-order on Amazon--"no pricing information available".

8of5 said...

I'd have thought the comments section of that particular article might be a better place...

Anywho, the only Amazon I can see pricing information on is UK, and they're all available here. The links to all the other Amazon's will I'm sure all become orderable in due course :)

Unknown said...

Hi there, we just premiered a fantastic interview with Leonard Nimoy and Pharrell Williams, and would love to share it with fans of Star Trek. Do you have an email address I can use to get in touch and share the link to the show? Thx

8of5 said...

There's an email listed on this very page. Or you could share it on the startrek subreddit maybe?

Unknown said...

We have a fan film that countless fans of Trek and Wars would like to see and need help in touching them. There is a crowdsourcing campaign, despite the project happening regardless of outcome on some level. I hope you will help share its existence with your audience. Thank you!



Best Regards,

Kenny Carpenter, director of "Federation Force"

RAFAHELL said...

hello I'm photographer and digital artist, My latest work is on star trek, I hope you like. http://rafaeligualadaart.com/portfolio/star-trek/

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say I appreciate all the work you do posting on the trek collective. Along with trekcore, trekmovie, treknews, 1701news, and the star trek website yours is the other Star Trek website I frequent. I notice there are always little to no comments on your posts but I hope that does not discourage you. You post all kinds of random star trek news and info which is rarely found on other star trek sites. So once again, your site and posts are appreciated and please continue doing it!

All the best


Unknown said...

Hey, I can appreciate the hard work that went into the flowchart, but I've never cared for such things, and this one give a me a headache to try to figure out a starting place. Is there no definitive list of novels anywhere? All I find online is either lists of publications by Trek series, or complicated flowcharts such as this. Is there NOTHING that just lists the novels (all series: TNG, DS9, VOY, TNF, etc.) from the time they all finally got cohesive and in unity? Listing things for ENT, DSC, and TOS would be great to, if they go with the cohesiveness and unity. I'm not interested in some great biggie list of everything ever published, just mainly stuff from the last two decades or so. You could list them via year the stories are set in. And if stories occur simultaneously, show that in the list. I hope this can happen, because it's damn confusing and I just want one fucking list to read from. Ya know what I mean, Vern?

8of5 said...

The link above to the "Lit-verse Reading Guide" will probably sort you out Vern...

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