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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

USS Enterprise ping pong table available now

I love when Star Trek merchandise gets a bit carried away with itself, and so was not disappointed when I spotted this. Behold, the USS Enterprise ping pong table!

As the Star Trek Shop describes it:
No workplace is complete without a ping pong table. The Star Trek The Original Series NC 1701 Ping Pong Table has the iconic classification of the ship featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 Logo on the table. This arrives on a wooden pallet, folds up neatly and can be easily wheeled and moved.

Discovery season 2 open titles, clip, new images, and more

With just a couple of days left until the new season of Discovery begins there's plenty coming out of the CBS PR machine, including new clips and photos which you can see below.

But first, let's check out the new opening titles for the season, which have been tweaked to reference some of the main icons of the season (originally posted on the Discovery Twitter, but via a non-geolocked youtube here):

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Star Trek vs Transformers #4 preview

Out this week is the fourth and penultimate issue of IDW's Star Trek vs Transformers crossover comic series, where things have gone a little crossover crazy with the introduction of Fortress Tiberius!

The book is written by Mike Johnson and John Barber, with art from Philip Murphy. Murphy also provides the energetic USS Enterprise A cover, while Priscilla Tramontano takes us inside the bridge for a unique view of Optimus Prime for the B cover. There is also a retail incentive cover from George Caltsoudas featuring M'Ress and Bumblebee.

Continue below to check out all the covers, plus a five page preview:

Monday, 14 January 2019

Georgiou Section 31 spin-off series confirmed

Rumoured for some months now, CBS have today confirmed they are planning to go forward with Discovery spin-off series featuring once-Emperor Philippa Georgiou and her exploits in Section 31, starring of course the magnificent Michelle Yeoh.

CBS press release describes the series as a "black ops" show, outlining it as follows:
The series will expand on Yeoh’s current role as a member of Starfleet’s Section 31 division, a shadow organization within the Federation, on STAR TREK: DISCOVERY
The series will be written and executive produced by talent from the Discovery team: Writing partners Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt. The usual suspects from CBS Television Studios, Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment, Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, Aaron Baiers, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth will all also be executive producers.

New Discovery novel explores Pike's Enterprise, plus new TOS covers

It's a big novel news day! Online listings have revealed a new Discovery book on the schedule, and new covers and blurbs for forthcoming TOS books. Continue below for all the latest.

So first up, we have a brand new addition to this year's publication schedule, only the fifth so far confirmed for 2019, and incidentally also the fifth Discovery novel so far. Coming in July will be John Jackson Miller's The Enterprise War - So far this is only listed on Simon and Schuster's online catalogue, but I'm sure pre-orders will be up soon enough. UPDATE: Now available for pre-order.

This appears to be a prequel to season two, explaining, as has been alluded to in cast and crew interviews, what the Enterprise was up to during, and away from, the Klingon war

UPDATE: And the author describes it is just that: "telling where the ship was and what it was doing during the Klingon War"
A shattered ship, a divided crew—trapped in the infernal nightmare of conflict!

Hearing of the outbreak of hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, Captain Christopher Pike attempts to bring the U.S.S. Enterprise home to join in the fight. But in the hellish nebula known as the Pergamum, the stalwart commander instead finds an epic battle of his own, pitting ancient enemies against one another—with not just the Enterprise, but her crew as the spoils of war.

Lost and out of contact with Earth for an entire year, Pike and his trusted first officer, Number One, struggle to find and reunite the ship’s crew—all while Science Officer Spock confronts a mystery that puts even his exceptional skills to the test…with more than their own survival possibly riding on the outcome….

Sunday, 13 January 2019

DS9 joining the Star Trek Fluxx games range

Last year Looney Labs released Star Trek versions of their Fluxx card game, with seperate TOS and TNG games, plus an extra set of cards which allowed the two sets to be played together. I guess they must have done fairly well, as then have now announced a DS9 edition is in the works too, due for release in the second quarter of this year. Here's how they describe it:
Explore the farthest reaches of the universe in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx! Work alongside Benjamin Sisko, Quark, Jadzia Dax, Worf and all your other favorite space station personnel while you try to gather Gold-Pressed Latinum and study the Wormhole. But watch out for nasty Surprises and Creepers like the Founders and the Jem'Hadar. 
They have also released preliminary artwork, which is awaiting final approval:

Friday, 11 January 2019

Eaglemoss Starships: First looks at V'Ger, Dominion Battleship, and more

Entertainment Earth seem to have got hold of Eaglemoss' latest round of solicitations a week or two earlier in the month than normal, giving us an advance look at several up-coming models in The Official Starships Collection, and some running order updates too. Continue below for all the details.

First up we have the next special issue, the 16th in that run, which will be V'Ger. Even with this low-res preview it looks like quite a nice richly detailed model to me.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Seven of Nine and Captain Proton fill the final Star Trek Mission Crate

Subscribers to Loot Crate's Star Trek Mission Crate have begun to receive their third subscription box in the series, the Voyager themed Dark Frontier crate. This much delayed crate was originally due to arrive early last year, but with every crate in the series delayed by months Loot Crate have now given up completely and cancelled the series half way through - More on that below, but first, let's look at what they did manage to send out!

The centerpiece of each of the Mission Crates is a QMx Mini Masters figurine (which also get seperate releases from QMx at a later date if you're keen to get hold of them). So far we've had Locutus of Borg, and Worf, and they are joined now by a Seven of Nine apparently pondering something. An eBay listing provided these photos of the figurine and packaging:

New Star Trek Discovery coin

Perth Mint have released their latest Star Trek coin, making their second visit to Discovery, following last year's Burnham and USS Discovery pair. The new coin brings in more of the cast to celebrate the crew of the Discovery.

Like most of Perth Mint's collectable coins this has been minted in silver (two ounces), making it rather more value than the face value of two Tuvalu dollars. The Star Trek side features colour printing, while the other side features the head of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin is a limited mintage of 2000 coins.

Discovery: The Way to the Stars excerpts

Hitting the bookshelves this week is the first Star Trek novel of 2019, and the fourth Discovery novel, Una McCormack's The Way to the Stars. Like the previous Discovery books this is a prequel to the main period of the TV series, in this instance following a teenage Sylvia Tilly.

The book is available in trade paperback and ebook, or audiobook available on CD or download; and you can sample excerpts from both the print and audio editions below. But first, here's a reminder of the blurb, as seen on the back of the book: