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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Discovery 2x02: New Eden previews

Got some previews for this week's second episode of Discovery season two, New Eden. But first, thanks to TV Passport's listings for the series, we also have a few more episode titles now. Coming up are:
  • 2x03: Point of Light 
  • 2x04: An Obol for Charon
  • 2x05: Saints of Imperfection
  • 2x06: The Sounds of Thunder
While you speculate on those, Netflix have now released a trailer for New Eden; check it out below.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Model kits updates: First Discovery kits on the way, and latest reissues

Lots of model kits news to go through today, including a whole bunch of reissues from Round 2 Models, plus some new photos of Moebius' latest Kelvin timeline kit. But first, let's take a look at what's coming from Discovery:

Round 2 have been keen to jump into Discovery, considering kits of multiple ships at multiple scales. The first of those will be the USS Discovery itself, which will be offered first at 1:2500 scale, making it about twelve inches long. It's not yet known when this will be be arriving, but it shouldn't be too far away, as initial box art is now in the wild, and some specialists retailers, including HDA Modelworx, are starting to take pre-orders.

Discovery season two behind the scenes photos, and other Disco updates

Lots of Discovery updates today, including the latest promo bits and bobs, and lots of behind the scenes photos.

First up, looking ahead in the season, the title for episode two has now been announced: New Eden, which will be directed by Jonathan Frakes.

And looking further ahead in the season, Michelle Yeoh recently shared this photo of her working on an ADR session in London. Note a new view of one of the new ships in the season on the screen:

Monday, 21 January 2019

IDW announce new TOS: Year Five series, plus other comics updates

Lots of Star Trek comics updates today, starting with the announcement of a new series!

The Hollywood Reporter reports this April will bring us Star Trek: Year Five, the latest take on the final year of the the original TOS five-year-mission. They describe it as focusing on the crew as they near the end of their mission:
As Starfleet’s flagship returns home, the series will investigate how each member of the iconic crew feels about the uncertain future that awaits them as they reach Earth.
There's more detail below, but first, check out this gorgeous cover art for the series, by Greg Hildebrandt:

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Action figure updates: Mego wave 4, and TNG goes bendable

Updates from two Star Trek action figures today, starting with our first look at the fourth wave of Star Trek figures in the Marty Abrams Present Mego retro action figure revival. Four characters are offered this time, with the first images coming via ToyWiz, which reveal new packaging designs following the current Star Trek products design style - They are expecting to ship in April.

First up we have Uhura, offered for the second time in this series, following the previous mirror universe version. This prime timeline version has of course been offered before in both the original Mego series and DST revival of a decade ago; the major difference this time appears to be a different hairstyle (the same one used for the recent mirror version).

Latest Discovery promos and behind the scenes, plus other Trek-TV updates

Lots of Discovery and general Star Trek TV updates today, as we look forward to the rest of season two, and much more in the future. Continue below for updates on the Picard show, Section 31 show, and Lower Decks; but first, Disco:

CBS have released a trailer for the rest of Discovery season two (hosted here by Nación Trek):

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Short Treks finally available world-wide, plus latest Discovery images and updates

Lots of Discovery updates in the final day before the new season starts, including new images, a fun billboard, and a personal message from Paul Stamets. But first exciting news regarding tie-ins to the series:

At last, Netflix have made the four Short Treks episodes available to those of not in the US or Canada. It takes a little hunting to find them though, as rather than being listed as episodes of Discovery or a series in their own right they've been hidden away in the "trailers and more" section of the Discovery listings - This does have a benefit for non-Netflix subscribers, as that makes them viewable to anyone as a free preview!

In other tie-in news, TrekMovie and TrekCore are reporting (but damned if I can find any announcement from CBS) After Treks has officially been cancelled (as one might suspect from the complete silence about it until now), but is being replaced by a series of Facebook Live streams featuring cast and creatives discussing the show. These will be aired after each episode is released, starting from the second episode. The first episode will also have a live stream event, but before the episode, in the form of coverage of a red carpet premiere.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

USS Enterprise ping pong table available now

I love when Star Trek merchandise gets a bit carried away with itself, and so was not disappointed when I spotted this. Behold, the USS Enterprise ping pong table!

As the Star Trek Shop describes it:
No workplace is complete without a ping pong table. The Star Trek The Original Series NC 1701 Ping Pong Table has the iconic classification of the ship featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 Logo on the table. This arrives on a wooden pallet, folds up neatly and can be easily wheeled and moved.

Discovery season 2 open titles, clip, new images, and more

With just a couple of days left until the new season of Discovery begins there's plenty coming out of the CBS PR machine, including new clips and photos which you can see below.

But first, let's check out the new opening titles for the season, which have been tweaked to reference some of the main icons of the season (originally posted on the Discovery Twitter, but via a non-geolocked youtube here):

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Star Trek vs Transformers #4 preview

Out this week is the fourth and penultimate issue of IDW's Star Trek vs Transformers crossover comic series, where things have gone a little crossover crazy with the introduction of Fortress Tiberius!

The book is written by Mike Johnson and John Barber, with art from Philip Murphy. Murphy also provides the energetic USS Enterprise A cover, while Priscilla Tramontano takes us inside the bridge for a unique view of Optimus Prime for the B cover. There is also a retail incentive cover from George Caltsoudas featuring M'Ress and Bumblebee.

Continue below to check out all the covers, plus a five page preview: