Monday, 18 January 2021

First look at 2022 Star Trek calendars

We might be less than a month into this year, but Universe Publishing have already set their sights on 2022, and revealed no less than seven Star Trek calendars(ad) ready for next year! All the calendar series that been offered for 2021 are set to continue next year, joined by the surprise resurrection of a classic series. Continue below to check out the range.

First up, the eternal highlight of the calendar range, Ships of the Line(ad); the starship art calendar, which is presented in landscape format with a pretty minimal actual calendar.

Friday, 15 January 2021

EXO-6 launch new Star Trek action figure range with First Contact Data

New company EXO-6 has been created with the express intent of making high quality Star Trek action figures and statues! And they're kicking things off with a First Contact Data

The 1:6 scale format (30cm tall) and styling might seem familiar, as it's the same highly accurate look of OMx's 1:6 scale range which has been gently released over the last few years. That's no accident, as this new company was formed by the creator of those figures, Schubert Tam. The new license covers the entire Star Trek universe, and world wide releases. Hopefully as a separate entity EXO-6 will be able to offer a broader range than QMx achieved.

The Data figure is a fun start to the new range, offering Data in two forms, either his regular Starfleet look, or with the skin and hair grafts given to him by the Borg Queen (via an interchangeable head). Continue below to check him out:

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Seven's Reckoning #3 covers and preview pages

Out this week* is the third issue(ad), and already the penultimate issue, of IDW's Voyager comic miniseries, Seven's Reckoning(ad). The series is written by Dave Baker, with art by Angel Hernandez, colours by Ronda Pattison. The issue is titled Symphony for the Damned, sees Seven of Nine getting involvement in an uprising among an alien race Voyager has encountered.

Once more the book is offered in three different covers: The A cover(ad) is also by Hernandez and Pattison, and features Seven leading the Ohrdi'nadar rebellion; the B cover(ad) is a photo-cover featuring Chakotay; or there's the rarer retail incentive cover(ad) by Jeffrey Veregge, which presents the Voyager crew and aliens in a unique deck-spanning cross-section.

*Note, I say out this week because IDW have released preview pages already, but if retailer listings are accurate you probably can't actually pick this up until the 20th.

Continue below to check out a five page preview, and all the covers for this issue.

Year Five #18: On the Death of a Friend part 1 preview

Out this week was the eighteenth issue(ad) of IDW's TOS comic maxiseries Year Five(ad), and the first part of a new story-arc in the series, On the Death of a Friend, which continues the alarmingly prescient run of story in the series (following the recent demagogic presidential election story), with a plague-based medical mystery! 

This new story arc is written by Jim McCann, with art by Angel Hernandez, and colours by Fran Gamboa. After an issue off the main cover team returns, with Stephen Thompson (coloured by Charlie Kirchoff) delivering the beautiful virus filled Doctor McCoy main cover(ad). Or alternatively there's a rarer retail incentive(ad) design by JJ Lendl, also featuring McCoy, along with Isis hinting at other elements of the story, in a retro poster design.

Continue below to check out the covers, plus a five-page preview:

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Our best look yet at Starfleet of the 32nd century

CBS Star Trek social media accounts have today shared some cool concept art montages of several of the new 32nd century Starfleet ships seen throughout Discovery season three, giving us our clearest views yet of several of the new and very varied designed. The images also name several of these ships, and identify their classes. Continue below to check them out:

  • Eisenberg class, USS Nog NCC-325070 
    • Named for the lost-too-soon actor Aron Eisenberg, and his character from DS9 of course. 
    • This is one of several of the more vertically oriented ships in the future fleet, which collectively seem to point towards a new movement in starship design within the Federation, sitting alongside the saucer-forms we know better - The Earth ships seen this season are not that different from this look too.
  • Mars class, USS Le Guin NCC-325060 
    • Presumably named for the planet (or Roman god?), and of course the master science fiction writer, Ursula Le Guin, who also recently passed.
    • This was the class referred to as a scout when it was first seen, and with it's chunky prominent nacelles, it kind of looks like a Federation-ified Disco-Klingon ship to me!
  • Angelou class, USS Maathai NCC-325023 
    • The class I imagine named for the writer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, while the ship is presumably named after Wangari Maathai, a Nobel Prize winning Kenyan ecologist and founder of the Green Belt Movement. Both persons are also fairly recently deceased.
    • This is the beautiful and distinctive flying rainforest, which looks like an amazing ship to live on!

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Year Five #17: Weaker Than Man preview

This week brought Weaker Than Man, issue seventeen(ad) of IDW's TOS comic maxiseries Year Five(ad), which is a special one-off story filling in the back story of Gary Seven. The book is written by Jackson Lanzig and Colin Kelly, with JK Woodward dropping into the series to provided painted artwork.

This issue is offered in two covers, either the main one(ad) , featuring Gary Seven and Isis (in both human and cat form), by Mark Laming, or a rarer retail incentive(ad) design by JJ Lendl, also featuring Seven and Isis, in a cool poster-style design, with them surrounded by Tholian ships.

Continue below to check out the covers, a five-page preview, plus a look at some other artwork from this series.

Before that just one other comic update of note: IDW recently released their March solicitations, which unusually featured no Star Trek comics at all! Looks like we're having a little break soon. But not super soon, as their are two books out next week, including the net Year Five issue already! Before then, here's issue seventeen:

Sunday, 27 December 2020

TNG aliens come back to life

Inspired by some awesome restoration projects, I've gathered together some of the latest TNG behind the scenes bits and bobs I've come across to take a look at a few of TNG's aliens; including some memorable one-shot wonders, and some more established species too. Continue below for some real treats.

What sparked this exploration was seeing some amazing work done recently by Tom Spina Designs, who specialise in restorations and display models and have worked on several Star Trek projects over the years. Their newest creation is a beautiful display of one of the Solanagen-based lifeforms from the episode Schisms. Working with an original costume and mask, they recreated new hands to finish off the alien and then gave it a suitably creepy pose for display. Check it out:

Friday, 25 December 2020

Discovery round-up: Su’Kal previews, behind the scenes photos, travel poster, and Killy's log!

This week brings us episode eleven of Discovery season three, with the promise of the return to the Burn mystery in Su’Kal. Continue below for previews of the new episode, and a round up of all the latest bits and bobs from last week's mirror universe escapade, including a great new travel poster, fun new log entry from Captain Killy, and lots of behind the scenes photos.

First up, here's the blurb and trailer for Su'Kal (trailer also up on if you prefer to Instagram below):
Discovery ventures to the Verubin Nebula, where Burnham, Saru, and Culber make a shocking realization about the origin of the Burn as the rest of the crew faces an unexpected threat.

Friday, 18 December 2020

Discovery round-up: Terra Firma, Part 2 previews, and loads of mirror universe badness in behind the scenes and set photography from part 1

This week brings us part two of the current Discovery mirror universe story Terra Firma, and as ever CBS released an assortment of previews ahead of the episode going live. They've also gone to town with imagery and more looking at last week's part one; the on-set photographer must have been enjoying themselves! Continue below to check out all that golden armoured goodness!

First up, here's the blurb and trailer for this week's new episode (which can also be viewed on if you prefer):

Georgiou uncovers the true depths of the plot against her, leading her to a revelation about how deeply her time on the U.S.S. Discovery truly changed her. 

Seven's Reckoning #2 covers and preview pages

Out this week is the second issue(ad) of IDW's new Voyager comic miniseries, Seven's Reckoning(ad). The issue, titled Concrete and Iron are no Match for Flesh and Bone, is written by Dave Baker, with art by Angel Hernandez, colours by Ronda Pattison, and continues the story of Seven of Nine (new to the Voyager crew at this point) and her interactions with a new alien race Voyager has encountered. 

This issue is offered in three different covers: Hernandez and Pattison also provide the A cover(ad), featuring Seven and one of the Ohrdi'nadar; or there's a photo B cover(ad), featuring Captain Janeway; or if you can find it, the rarer retail incentive cover(ad) by Jeffrey Veregge, which also features Seven, discovered an alien artifact.

Continue below to check out a five page preview, and all the covers for this issue.