Friday, 23 April 2021

Beautiful Hugh Fleming comic cover art from DC's TNG miniseries Ill Wind

Comic art specialists Panel Page Art currently have some especially gorgeous Star Trek cover art up for sale right now. Part of a wider selection of art by Hugh Fleming, they have all four covers for the DC Comics TNG miniseries Ill Wind. Painted in acrylics, seeing the artwork in full you can really see the texture of the pieces. They also feature sumptuous colours, and some great portraits and ships. Continue below to check out the whole series:

Issue one sets the scene for the series, featuring Captain Picard and the main guest-antagonist of the story, Mestral, the leader of Eldela people, who is also a keen solar sailor. The Enterprise is charged with protecting her and otherwise maintaining security while she participated in the Centauris Cup race. Also featured is an exotic ship, the Perhonen, Mastral's solar sailcraft; it get's a bit of an upgrade for the cover; in addition to being particularly shiny and well detailed, it has three sails rather than the two seen in the interior art for the series.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

New back-cover previews for the 2022 Star Trek calendars

Star Trek calendar publisher Universe Publishing has release the back cover images for their 2022 range. Next year there will be six different Star Trek calendars to choose from, and now we can get a little look inside each of them care of the back cover previews. Continue below to check them out:

The long-running Ships of the Line(ad) series is the only calendar which gets new artwork each year, lovely wide-format starship art - Essentially a starship art magazine with a small calendar overlay.

This year marks the first Star Trek Online art to feature in the series, alongside lots of TOS and TNG ships, and a little love for DS9 too. Several images feature new starship designs, and there's a new cutaway diagram too. Check out the thumbnails on the back cover:

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Star Trek music round-up: Discovery season 3 soundtrack, The Motion Picture complete score, and new Goldsmith music!

Whether you play music or just like to listen, it's a good time to be a Star Trek music fan right now, with the latest Discovery soundtrack release now upon us, plus a new sheet music from The Motion Picture. Continue below to check out the latest Star Trek music updates, including a never before heard Jerry Goldsmith track!

The latest release from Lakeshore Records is the Discovery season 3 soundtrack(ad), by Jeff Russo. This forty track album is available right now digitally, and will no doubt get a snazzy looking vinyl release later following the pattern of previous seasons. A CD release is looking less likely though.

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Year Five #20: The Raptor's Wings, part 1 preview

Out this week is issue twenty(ad) of IDW's Star Trek: Year Five(ad) comic series, which is the first half of a new story arc, The Raptor's Wings, written by Brandon Easton with art by Silvia Califano, and colour from DC Alonso. This chapter sees Spock transported back to the Time of Awakening, giving us a look at Mad Max-esque ancient Vulcan, and a fresh take on Vulcan and Romulan history. Half way in, this is already a highlight of a generally excellent series! 

As ever the book is offered in two different covers. The main cover(ad) by Stephen Thompson gives us Spock standing beneath those raptor's wings. Alternatively, the rarer retail incentive cover(ad) by JJ Lendl is a retro movie style poster also featuring Spock, this time within the silhouette of the raptor as seen on the Romulan Bird of Prey.

Continue below to check out both covers, and a five page preview:

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

TNG ReAction Figures coming soon from Super7

Super7, makers of the retro-styled 3¾ inch scale ReAction Figures are returning to Star Trek with a new TNG collection. They have now revealed an assortment of six characters, which include Captain Picard, Worf, Data, Guinan, Wesley Crusher, and a Borg. These are described as wave one by Super7, so presumably more of the TNG crew will be following later. Continue below for a closer look at each of them:

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

More preview pages from Designing the Final Frontier

A few weeks ago I shared some of the first preview pages from the forthcoming book Star Trek: Designing the Final Frontier - How Midcentury Modernism Shaped Our View of the Future(ad). Due out in August, authors Dan Chavkin and Brian McGuire will be taking us on a tour of the design influences and uses of real world products in TOS

Now some more pages, and a slightly updated cover, have been released, giving a much better feel for the book, and delightfully geeky and detail-obsessive book it is. Continue below to check out TOS design spanning architecture to salt and pepper shakers!

Monday, 12 April 2021

The Gift and First Contact comic previews

This past week IDW delivered a double dose of TNG comic reprints. One was specifically to mark First Contact Day, and the other ended up with a surprising connection to this week's big announcements too. Continue below to check out the details and preview pages of The Gift and First Contact in comic form.

Released as a special one shot, The Gift(ad) is a facsimile edition of what was originally a DC Comics annual from 1990. This Q story was written by no less than Q himself, John de Lancie, with some additional dialogue from Star Trek comic writer and novelist Michael Jan Freidman. Art for the book is by DC regulars Gordon Purcell and Pablo Marcos, with colour from Julianna Ferriter. 

Of course de Lancie was announced just this week to be returning as Q soon in Picard season two, so this seems a nice moment to revisit his own take on Q. This particular book was written when Q was still very new, presenting him firmly as a menace to the crew, and still largely an enigma. It sees Q take Picard on a trip to his past, as well as a dark alternate timeline. One of the highlights of Q in comic form here is the choice of how to present him, made of space and stars in many scenes, and toying with the fabric of the universe. The story also has a lot of visual fun in how Q and Picard visit the past, including turning them into ducks! 

For this new printing IDW had J.K. Woodward create a new painted edition of the cover based on the original design by J.K. Moore. Otherwise it seems to be a straight reprint, so one to fill a gap in your collection if you've not picked up the original before.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Next Star Trek movie coming in 2023

After half a decade of bouncing ideas around for the next Star Trek movie, Paramount Pictures seem to finally found one they like, as they have now scheduled the next Star Trek movie for release on the 9th of June 2023. The film will be produced by J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot productions, who also brought us the previous three Kelvin timeline movies. Officially, that is all we know so far. 

io9 report, via "a source close to the project" this is not one of the previously considered scripts that have been in the offing over the past few years - Even though the most recent project know about, from Discovery writer Kalinda Vazquez, was only revealed to the world a month ago!

Will this continue the adventures of the familiar Kelvin timeline crew? Will Jaylah come back? - I strongly hope for both! - Or will it be something completely new in the Kelvin or Prime timelines? Production must be getting underway fairly soon to make that date just over two years away, so we'll no doubt here some more details fairly soon.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Prodigy theory: The series ship will be USS Voyager's missing Aeroshuttle

With the announcement that the new animated children's TV series Star Trek: Prodigy will take place in the Delta Quadrant some years after the USS Voyager visited, and that Captain Janeway's part in the series will be in the form of an emergency training hologram, it starts to get one wondering: What is this Starfleet ships the young alien crew the series is about are going to take command of, and how did a holographic Janeway find herself installed there? Well one idea springs to my mind: The Aeroshuttle!

The what? For those unfamiliar: The Aeroshuttle is one of those almost forgotten ideas you sometimes get in TV production, a concept brewed up early on in development of the series, but never called upon by the needs of the plot. It is a distinctive smallcraft attached to the underside of the USS Voyager's saucer section, in much the same way the captain's yacht is on the USS Enterprise-E. 

Monday, 5 April 2021

New trailers and updates for Picard season 2, Discovery season 4, Lower Decks season 2, and Prodigy!

Big Star Trek TV news day! To mark First Contact Day today hosted a series of panels, including reflecting on the 25th anniversary of the best TNG movie, behind the scenes and cultural impacts of other Trek, and some major new Trek-TV news for most of the currently in-production series, including lots of new trailers, and release date updates. Continue below for a round-up of the day's news:

The first big announcement of the day is that the original Q, John de Lancie, will be returning for Picard season two, which is set to arrive in 2022. This was revealed in this teaser trailer:

Patrick Stewart and de Lancie, along with host Wil Wheaton discussed this a little in the panel as well, in which Stewart noted Q's reappearance comes at a "shattering moment" of trauma for Picard, which may or may not be directly related to Q's motivation to return.