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Monday, 10 August 2020

Lower Decks round-up: Season trailer, Ready Room, posters, art, and more

With the series now underway, there's lots of ongoing Lower Decks promotion coming from CBS. Continue below for the return of The Ready Room, some fun character posters, clips and stills, and artwork from the series.

First up, the trailer for the season, with lots of new footage from future episodes. The ever helpful Nación Trek were good enough to get it up on YouTube, but if you prefer more official channels, you'll also find it on and Instagram.

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Paramount considering where to go next with Star Trek movies

It seems Paramount are taking a fresh look at their Star Trek movie options. According to Deadline, the new President of Motion Picture Group At Paramount, Emma Watts is apparently considering what path is best to take, in a hope of revitalising the movie wing of the franchise. Deadline's reporting of reveals new details of previously announced projects in development, and where they currently stand as prospects.

What Deadline have a feel of, is that while Paramount see some of the scripts they have in the works as good potential spin-offs - Working as stand-alones akin to Logan next to the wider X-Men franchise - They feel a need to first revitalise a core movie franchise, and to build on that.

Lower Decks Shirt Collective has begun

To mark the release of each episode of Lower Decks, the animation studio behind the series, Titmouse, are producing a special T-shirt, available for one week only, from their Titmouse Stuff store.

You can pick up each design weekly, or subscribe to the whole collection for a discount, and get an extra bonus design too. After each new episode airs a new shirt becomes available, and the previous design is vaulted for the rest of time - They only print what is ordered.
Continue below for a closer look.

Week one brings us aboard the USS Cerritos, and the T-shirt design supplies us with a "general purpose garment" for use on the ship. Here's how Titmouse describe it:
Welcome to Starfleet, ensign! Bravery! Leadership! Ambition! These are all concepts that you can forget about when you're relegated to the lower decks of the U.S.S. Cerritos. Don't complain, someone's gotta do the grunt work around here. Here's your standard-issue general purpose garment in glorious HEATHERED GRAY and mysterious FAIRLY DARK BLUE! Featuring the exterior top view of the ship that you're inside the bottom of!
And the neat thing about the shirts is, Titmouse promote them by having the characters model them:

Friday, 7 August 2020

Picard soundtrack comes to vinyl

Lakeshore Records have announced the details of their forthcoming vinyl edition of Jeff Russo's Star Trek Picard season one soundtrack. The two-disc release, due in October, will feature 24 tracks from the first season's score, and is presented on striking Borgish-green splatter discs. Continue below to check out the package, and for the track listing:

Year Five #13: Guide of Fire, part 1 preview

Out this week from IDW is Star Trek Year Five #13, the start of a new story arc in the series, the Klingon-focused Guide of Fire. As well as Klingons, this issue is stuffed full of wider Starfleet goodies, which should please starship fans, with a whole fleet ready to welcome the Enterprise back to Federation space. The issue also sees The Motion Picture design elements starting to appear, including new uniforms!

The book is written by Year Five showrunners Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, with Angel Hernandez on art duties, coloured by Fran Gamboa.

As ever for the series, the book is available in two covers: Either the main cover, by Stephen Thompson, which features a wide range of starships, and was coloured by Charlie Kirchoff. Or there's the retail incentive cover from JJ Lendl, with a retro style movie poster to kick off the new story-arc.

Continue below to check out the covers and a five page preview, plus some other Year Five updates:

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Lower Decks round-up: 23 weeks of Trek, international distribution, stills, clips, billboards, art, and more!

With Lower Decks soon to start, CBS have been busy pumping out lots of promo. Continue below for the latest images and clips, and update on (the hope of) international distribution, billboards and social media graphics, and some cool art from the creators of the show.

First though, new promos for both Lower Decks and Discovery promise a forthcoming 23 week period of new Star Trek. Here's the banner version:

And here's the trailer (also on Instagram if you're geolocked out), which features some new clips from both shows:

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Volante Design's Captain Pike jacket

Volante Design, makers of cool jackets based on Starfleet uniforms, have dropped their latest design, the Starfleet 2257, aka, the Captain Pike jacket. The gloriously yellow jacket is based on the Discovery Enterprise command uniform, and is a pretty loyal recreation:

The jacket is made from water-resistant stretch cotton sateen fabric, which has a "luxurious brushed feel". Rather neatly, it has a badge backing pocket, to hold the magnet backer if you choose to wear it with a QMx magnetic replica badge (so you can ping the badge of without fear the back will fall away to places unknown). Improving on the actual uniform it has two external pockets, plus an internal one. Best of all, it just looks damn cool!

There's just one little catch, for the time being, they're only going to make 25 of them! So if you want one, better get in there quick. They're expecting to ship this month. Continue below to check out more pictures:

Friday, 31 July 2020

Eaglemoss book previews: Star Trek Cocktails and Spock Mindfulness

Eaglemoss are expanding their Star Trek book offerings beyond starships, with new books covering a wide range of subjects and points of view. Two books coming soon are Star Trek Cocktails, and Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness, and previews have now been released for both. Continue below to check them out.

Star Trek Cocktails is, straightforwardly, a book about cocktails with Star Trek twists. Due out in November, it is written by Glenn Dakin, with recipes from mixologists Simon Pellet and Adrian Calderbank, illustrations by Adrian Salmon, and photography by David Burton and Jess Esposito.

The book will be a hardcover release, and two covers are currently circulating; one which implies it will be a cloth-bound book, the other with just the digital art:

Set your taste-buds to stunned! These Cosmic recipes will take you where no one has gone before. They're cocktails, Jim, but not as you know them....

Have you ever longed for a taste of Romulan Ale? Or pined for the mellowing effect of Dr McCoy's Mint Julep? Perhaps a Fuzzy Tribble would get you purring? Or a soothing sip of Captain Picard's Earl Grey Martini? This voyage into the future of stylish drinking is a must for all Star Trek - and cocktail - fans. With a galaxy of illustrations, and a witty garnish of quotations, this book will help you celebrate your favorite show.

Mix the classic cocktails served on Starfleet starships throughout the Federation! Picard, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, Quark, and more - try out each crew member's favorite!

Monday, 27 July 2020

Discovery Season 3 release date set, plus latest behind the scenes

The much anticipated return of Discovery finally has a date. CBS have announced season three will begin on the 15th of October. They updated their previous teaser video to reflect the new date:

This is how CBS describe the season in their press release:
After following Commander Burnham into the wormhole in the second season finale, season three of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY finds the U.S.S. Discovery crew landing into an unknown future far from the home they once knew. Now living in a time filled with uncertainty, the U.S.S. Discovery crew, along with the help of some new friends, must work together to restore hope to the Federation.
The thirteen episode season will begin the week after the final episode of Lower Decks will arrive (which itself will start in just over a week's time in North America), which means we're set for a solid half a year of weekly Trek ahead between the two shows.

While we're thinking Disco, continue on for a look at the latest behind the scenes bits and bobs to hit the web:

Star Trek book updates from Comic Con

A smattering of panels from the the virtual San Diego Comic Con this weekend touched upon Star Trek books, with either dedicated discussion on the series, or mentions from publishers. While there were no big formal announcements, news of several new series, books, and authors did get a mention. Continue below for all the details of novels and comics revealed.

From the world of Star Trek novels, new books were framed with in the exciting promise of a real push for greater diversity in the pool of writers producing Star Trek books - Much as I like the works of the regular writers, there is a really noticeable lack of voices that are anything other than male or white, so this is a very welcome move. Simon and Schuster publicity manager Lauren Jackson broached this subject in the All the Starfleet Ladies: Then and Now panel:
I was trying to do some promotions for Women's History Month, Black History Month... And I went to Ed [Schlesinger]'s office, Ed is the senior editor who works on, and I guess brand manager of Star Trek too. And I was like "Dude, what are we- We've got to like, work on this", and he's like "I've been working on it for so long", and I was like "let's get it underway, let's really try to diversify this list, and get the perspectives of these authors".
We dug deep, and a bunch of us got together in a room - I'm not even kidding you, it was like a war-room - And we were like "Ok, what's the strategy? Who are we looking for?". And I'm super proud, I'm super proud that Ed went out of his way, and he approached Cassandra, and we have another author under contract now.