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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Behind the scenes ship bits: Disco Klingons, K't'inga and Bajoran miniatures, DS9 art, and more

I've gathered some of the behind the scenes Star Trek starship design bits and pieces to hit the web recently, to enjoy a look at what goes in to bringing starships beloved and obscure to screen. Today's assemblage includes close looks at the K't'inga class and Bajoran transport filming miniatures, loads of DS9 concept art, and some Voyager and TNG bits too. But first, lets check out the very newest stuff, fresh from Discovery.

Discovery concept artist Samuel Michlap has shared several pieces of his work on his ArtStation profile. Those include pieces giving a good look at the Klingon obelisk from the very start of the series, both in its inactive mode, and deployed to light-up, with the latter showing a particularly elaborate design.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Star Trek Cats clothing and gadgets!

Star Trek Cats is turning into a bit of a sub-brand within Trek merchandise. Following the TOS and TNG Star Trek Cats books, Jenny Parks' feline illustrations have found themselves part of a calendar, offered as various accessories before, and now there's a bunch more stuff!

Available now is a range of Star Trek Cats T-shirts, featuring portraits of Cat-ptains Picard or Kirk, or the clever TNG cat logo:

Non-fiction book bits: New Eaglemoss starships books, Stellar Cartography update, and novelty book previews

Lots of Star Trek non-fiction updates today, including previews of up-coming releases, and new details on the Stellar Cartography re-issue. But first, let's take a look at Eaglemoss' latest:

As promised, the Star Trek Shipyards series looks set to expand beyond its initial Starfleet offerings, with the third book in the series due to explore The Klingon Fleet. The details of this come from a Canadian online catalogue, which anticipates a release in May next year, credits Ben Robinson. Marcus Riley, and Matt McAllister as authors, and give us this cover and blurb:

UPDATE: This is now available to pre-order on Amazon too.

The Star Trek Shipyards series provides Star Trek fans with the first ever chronological guide to the starships from the television and film series. In this third volume, the ships of the Klingon fleet are explored from their first appearances in the original Star Trek television series through their most recent appearances in the hit new series Star Trek: Discovery.

A chronological history of the Klingon fleet from the Star Trek television programs and films, including the TV series Star Trek: Discovery.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Terra Incognita #2 preview

Out this week is the second issue of Terra Incognita,  IDW's latest TNG mirror universe comic series (although the mirror elements are fairly minor in this particular issue).

Scott and David Tipton continue in writing their ongoing mirror universe saga, with Carlos Nieto on art duties for this issue.

The book is available in four different covers, with Tony Shasteen summarising the Vulcan/Cardassian ambassadorial dispute of the book on the A cover. The B cover is a photo-montage featuring this issue's focus character, Deanna Troi. There are also two retail incentive covers; a moment with Geordi and Data by Elizabeth Beals, or J.K. Woodward's own take on the story specifics.

Continue below to check out all the covers and a five page preview.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Discovery finds its Spock

CBS have announced the much anticipated casting of the new Spock for Star Trek: Discovery, and chosen for the role is Ethan Peck, who certainly looks rather Spock-ish to me!

Peck is the grandson of fellow actor Gregory Peck, and has been acting nearly all his life, amassing numerous TV and film credits, including recurring roles in the series I Ship It and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

New Star Trek novel format and blurb updates

Simon and Schuster announced the details of the first 2019 Star Trek novels a week or so ago, and have now released updated blurbs for them too. Continue below for new details of these new books.

Before that though, there is a new detail on the format too, as listings for these books reveal they are all to be released as trade paperbacks (as well as ebooks) - That's the larger format paperback published by Gallery Books, which previously was used to release additional titles on top the the monthly released smaller mass market paperbacks from Pocket Books (both Pocket and Gallery are imprints of Simon and Schuster). All the previous Discovery novels have been released in this format, but it would appear this will now be the standard across the entire Star Trek novel range.

With only three novels so far announced for 2019, it remains unclear if a monthly release cycle will resume or not. Also not yet revealed is whether these books will get audio releases, although in the last couple of years it has become increasingly common for Star Trek novels to get simultaneous audio editions, so I'd be surprised if most if not all did get that treatment.

Anovos' Niners baseball gear, Disco shirts, and new TOS releases

Anovos have released and previewed a whole bunch of new Star Trek costume replicas and novelty clothing items at the recent Star Trek Las Vegas convention, and now those are starting to appear online too.

Those new items include new versions of the DISCO T-shirts, the distinctive Wrath of Khan landing party jackets and TOS equipment belts, and an entire range of pieces based on the Niners baseball team from DS9's Take Me Out to the Holosuite. Continue below to check them all out.

The Niners gear is all up for pre-order, and of course includes the Niners baseball cap, complete with the Niners logo embroidered patch on the front, and a subtle Starfleet delta to one side.

QMx Worf sculpture and Klingon badge available now

In a Klingon double whammy, QMx have released their new Worf sculpture and Klingon emblem badge this month. Continue below for lots of new images and details of both.

The Worf model is the second character release in their Star Trek Mini Master's range, following the previous Locutus figurine. Like that release this was also to be offered as one of the items in Loot Crate's Mission Crate, although said crate is so far behind schedule that QMx's individual release now has ended up coming ahead of it's originally planned debut in the crate!

The plastic sculpture is at 1:12 scale, making Worf about six inches tall, and it posed dramatically with bat'leth raised high, ready to make a killing blow on one of his opponents.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

No Chrises (no Kirks) for Star Trek 4?

The forthcoming fourth Kelvin timeline Star Trek movie, which was supposed to see Captain James T. Kirk meet his late father George Kirk, appears to have lost both of said Kirks, as Chrises Pine and Hemsworth have reportedly both walked away from the roles due to negotationations on the pay for the increasingly high profile actors falling apart.

According to The Hollywood Reporter this apparently comes down to Paramount trying to keep costs low due to Star Trek Beyond not doing as well as hoped, this has led to them trying to get Chris Pine to take a pay cut despite him already being signed up to do Star Trek 4 as part of the deal that got him back for Beyond. Exactly when Chris Hemsworth signed up and to what is less clear, but the same effect seems to have occured.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Discovery season one home video releases

If you've been holding out for Discovery on disc, or just want a physical copy to add to your library, good news; it's coming soon. CBS Home Entertainment have announced season one of Discovery will be coming to bluray and DVD on the 13th of November (in North America at least). The boxset will include some two hours of extra features, including deleted and extended scenes, and a bunch of behind the scenes coverage. The covers for both releases reuse one of the early posters for the series:

Continue after the jump for a list of all the behind the scenes featurettes, plus a preview video of the release: