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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Terra Incognita #1 preview

Out this week is the first issue in IDW's latest TNG mirror universe comic series, Terra Incognita, which follows the deviations of mirror-Barclay following the events of the recent series Through the Mirror.

Scott and David Tipton continue in writing what is becoming a near ongoing mirror universe series, with Tony Shasteen picking up the art duties this time.

The book is available in four different covers, with Shasteen also delivering the A cover, while the B cover is a photo-montage. There are also two retail incentive covers; a colourful and moodily lit Ten Forward scene by Elizabeth Beals or a menacing giant Barclay looming over the TNG crew by J.K. Woodward.

Continue below to check out all the covers and a five page preview.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

New Star Trek coins celebrate DS9, TOS ships, and TMP poster

Three of the current Star Trek coin licensees have got new releases out, celebrating The Original Series' ships and The Motion Picture poster. Continue below to check them out.

But first, the Royal Canadian Mint are about to release a crazy cool coin version of Deep Space 9, flattening the station down to a disc, with the spaces between the rings and bridges having printed spacey sections, featuring the USS Defiant and the wormhole - There are printed sections on both sides of the coin, which is apparently a first for the Canadian Mint. What makes it really distinctive though is that the coin is minted in the shape of DS9's outer ring, with all the little docking port notches all around the edge.

Discovery season 2 images introduce a Saurian

Entertainment Weekly have revealed a couple of new images from season two of Discovery; the first stills from the season in fact. Among them we get our first look at the first Saurian to come to on-screen Star Trek since the species was introduced in The Motion Picture.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

New Eaglemoss Discovery, XL, and bonus issues revealed

Ahead of the San Diego Comic Con Eaglemoss have released preview images of several new ships from their various Starships Collections, which are going to be on display at their booth at the convention. These include our first looks at several Discovery, XL, and bonus issue models. Continue below to check them out:

We've seen issues five and six from the Discovery collection from afar, but Eaglemoss have now released the first proper look at the USS Europa and the Vulcan cruiser. If Eaglemoss stay on track with their monthly releases, we should see these two come August/September.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Mego relaunches with new action figures on the way

Mego are back! The long hibernating toy brand is relaunching, as "Marty Abrams presents Mego" (named for the company's co-founder), with a range of action figures available exclusively at Target, and that includes a return of one of the earliest Star Trek toy series, the iconic Mego action figure.

Mego's new range will feature a wide variety of characters from classic TV series and movies, including DC ComicsThe Brady Bunch, Cheers, I Dream of Jeannie, and Married with Children. Eight and twelve inch figures are being made, including resurrecting the eight inch Star Trek line. The range will start to be released from the end of this month, following a more extensive preview at the San Diego Comic Con. Each of the new figures will have a limited run of 10,000. For now the initial announcement reveals one Star Trek release: Sulu:

More Eaglemoss Star Trek busts revealed

While ramping up attention for product reveals at the San Diego Comic Con, Eaglemoss have released the first images of several issues in their forthcoming The Official Star Trek Busts Collection. Four characters have so far been revealed, with TNG's Worf busting out of his podium with bat'leth in hands, joined by a more inquisitive Data, and a relatively friendly looking Spock. These will also follow the previously announced Captain Kirk, which will kick off the series. Continue below to check them all out.

Star Trek Fluxx revealed

Looney Labs have revealed their first Star Trek editions of their game Fluxx, so named because the cards drawn and played in the game keep the end goal forever in flux. Two Star Trek games are being released in August, one based on TOS, and the other on TNG, plus an expansion to facilitate both editions being played mixed together. Continue below to check them all out:

We'll start with the TNG edition (because I like the cover more!). Here's the box:

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Eaglemoss ship previews: XL, special, regular and Discovery series!

Eaglemoss have released many images and videos of forthcoming and recently released models in their various series of Starships Collections. Continue below for the latest XL ships, special issues, regular issues from the main series, and previews of the next Discovery releases!

We'll start with the latest addition to their XL series of really big models, the USS Enterprise-B, which will be the eighth in that series. Eaglemoss have revealed new images, and a 360 video, via their UK webshop, and their latest round of solicitations:

More previews from the Star Trek Shipyards books

A few days ago I shared out first preview pages from Eaglemoss' new Star Trek Shipyards books, and now, thanks to Amazon, we have a whole load more. Crucially these include several pages of the new features added to these books, such as size charts, fleet listings, and artwork - The rest of the books are mainly reusing content published in the magazines from The Official Starships Collection. So continue below to check out the new things these books offer.

There are two books in the series so far, each spanning different eras of Starfleet starships. I'm going to start back to front, because the first spread from the 2294 - The Future book is my favourite!

The books are split into chapters based on era and ship type, and Chapter 3 of this book uses the rather broad heading of Multi-Mission Explorer to cover most of the large ships of the 24th century. Each chapter has a two-page introductory spread, with the amassed fleet of the ships about to be covered, making this chapter a particularly pleasing image as it brings together almost all of the 24th century Starfleet ship classes as never seen before:

Friday, 6 July 2018

Big Finish audiobooks, and other Star Trek book updates

Got a variety of Star Trek book news and updates today, including new previews and covers for forthcoming comics and novelty books. But first, the big news is a new publisher entering the literary universe.

This week Big Finish have not just announced, but released their first two Star Trek audiobooks! And there's another to follow; they have produced an unabridged audio release of the English edition of Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg's Prometheus trilogy (which was of course the first Star Trek novel series published originally in German). The trilogy has been narrated by Alex Newman, who is known to Star Trek fans as Malik the augment, from the arc in the final season of Enterprise.

The Prometheus trilogy was originally published by Cross Cult in German (with German audio editions by Bastei Lübbe following a little later), and is currently being released in English print form by Titan Books - Presumably these unusual licensing arrangement for Star Trek novels gave Big Finish an opening to start doing something with Star Trek, where audio releases are more usually covered by Simon and Schuster Audio (who have indeed given us a revival of Star Trek audio releases the last couple of years, with many Star Trek novels getting simultaneous audio releases now). What I find exciting though is that Big Finish are encouraging fans to feedback on social media with what they'd like to see for future - I for one would like to see them take the route they have with Doctor Who and Stargate, and produce entirely original Star Trek audio stories, with full cats and sound effects (something Star Trek hasn't seen since the Captain Sulu Adventures and Spock vs Q in the 90s!).

Anywho, continue below to check out all the cover art (and a reminder of all the blurbs) for Big Finish's edition of the Prometheus trilogy.