Thursday 2 May 2013

New images and details of the Star Trek Fighter Pods range

Last week the first good images of the new Star Trek Fighter Pods toys started to appear. Now and Toys'r'us have started to release more images, giving us a look at most of the rest of the line. John Tenuto also posted photos of the USS Enterprise set on Flickr, giving a good look at that set's features, as well as photographing a booklet detailing the entire range. Even if you're not that keen on the toys, this particular bit might interest you, as it names many of the nuTrek aliens for the first time (I've stuck John's photos together for ease of reference here):

This also reveals that the figurines in each set vary. Each attack pod comes with one set figure, and three randoms, the larger Enterprise set comes with six figurines all together, but two of those are random as well.

Here are the official images of the Fighter Pods USS Enterprise, which comes with an attack pod stowed in the engineering hull, and a bridge playset in the saucer section, which can comfortably accommodate the six figurines that come with it. Of those six, four will always be Kirk, Uhura, volcano Spock, and grey uniform McCoy. Pictured here are Brian and Dexter as the two mystery figurines:


I previously posted images of three of the four attack pod sets. There still don't seem to be images of the fourth. That just leaves the smaller figurines sets. There will be blind bags, each containing two figurines and two pods. The bags look like this:

There are also two larger blister pack sets which each have four figurines and two pods. I believe that again, three figurines in each of these sets will be random, with Kirk and Spock in each set being the only constants.

Pictures here in the Kirk set are Brian, Grasia, and Cask:


While with Spock are Uhura, Madeline, and Sprog:


There are thirty-six figurines in the series. If you got the Enterprise, all four attack pods, and the two-four packs, picking them so not to get duplicates, that would give you thirty - Leaving you just six characters to find either by careful selection of duplicate larger sets, or by living dangerously and seeking them out in the blind bags.

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Toylover said...

If these follow the pattern of the Star Trek and Ultimate Spider-Man Fighter Pods, you will need to purchase at least a few of the blind bags to complete the set. There are 3 types of figures:

1. Those only available in a playset. You can recognize them because the plastic insert is custom fitted to the figures that are only in the set.

2. Those that are only in the blind bags. There will be one in each blind bag.

3. Those that are in both the blind bags and the playsets. These are the most common.

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