Tuesday 30 May 2017

Bridge Crew out now

Ubisoft's new Star Trek virtual reality video game Bridge Crew has just been released, and Ubisoft have released a bunch of trailers and images to mark the occasion. So continue below for a good look at this game, set on the Kelvin timeline USS Aegis, or the classic USS Enterprise. First up, here's the launch trailer:

Wednesday 17 May 2017

First Discovery trailer, stills, and poster!

It's a big day for Discovery, with the release of the first trailer for the series (not counting the little teaser last year), stills, and a poster! CBS have also announced the first season will now have fifteen episodes, two more than the previously planed thirteen. And if that's not enough new Trek for you, there will also be an after-show program called Talking Trek!

There's lots to drink in, so continue below for a closer look. First up, here's trailer (the first version is region locked to the US, but here's a link to an unofficial version anyone can watch):

Friday 5 May 2017

Mirror, Mirror coin from Perth Mint

Perth Mint have expanded their Star Trek coin collection once more, this time with an episode specific coin based on Mirror, Mirror. As is so often the case with products based on this episode, the contrast of bearded mirror-Spock and clean-shaved-prime-Spock is the subject of the artwork of the coin, with a yellow-printed background dividing their mirror image.

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