Friday 28 July 2017

Adorable mini-communicator watch

Planet Replicas have revealed an adorable new Star Trek watch, which affixes a miniature TOS communicator to your wrist! The cover flips open at the push of a button, revealing the watch-face safely stowed away beneath it. Continue below to see more!

Thursday 27 July 2017

Entertainment Weekly's Discovery cover shoot

This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly is making a splash about Star Trek: Discovery, including three different Discovery covers, for which they had their own shoot on the sets of the USS Discovery. Continue below to check out the cast in action, including our first look at the Discovery transporter room! Which, we can see in one of the extra images Entertainment Weekly have released:

New Discovery stills, and more

The Netflix Star Trek Discovery Twitter has release three new stills, givings us new looks at Michael Burnham, Captain Georgiou, and there desert adventure. Continue below to check them out, and other Discovery updates:

"Always exploring"

Tuesday 25 July 2017

QMx reveal loads of new action figures and props at San Diego Comic Con

At the past weekend's San Diego Comic Con QMx revealed lots of new Star Trek goodies, including many new characters in their 1:6 scale action figure range, a variety of new props. Continue below to check them out:

Stealing the show was the Wrath of Khan Khan figure, with an impressively detailed costume scarily life-life sculpting. As images here, via ToyArk and Qmx show:

Saturday 22 July 2017

Loads of Discovery concept art, costumes, and props to ogle!

There's been lots of Discovery goodness coming out of the San Diego Comic Con, but the richest vein is surely the Discovery exhibition, which features oodles of artwork, costumes, and props, given us our best look yet at them all! There's lots to look at, so continue below for a look at everything that could be seen (images via, /Film, io9, TrekMovie, and TrekCore).

First up, ships! There was lots of concept art on display, including multiple views of the USS Discovery, giving us our best view yet of the final form of the ship:

New discovery trailer, stills, poster, and details revealed

It's another big Discovery news day! Today at the San Diego Comic Con a new trailer was released, there was a panel with the cast and executive producers, and then CBS released new stills and a poster too! Continue below for all the details. We'll kick things off with the trailer (as ever there's a CBS version for the US, and Netflix for the rest of the world):

Friday 21 July 2017

Discovery's Klingon Torchbearer on display at Comic Con

On display at the San Diego Comic Con right now is a pretty impressive costume replica. A special miniature version of Star Trek: Discovery's Klingon Torchbearer has been made by Gentle Giant, and it reveals the crazy level of detail going into this production.

The suit was designed by Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick and 3D printed by Gentle Giant. Continue below for a close look at all the details (images via TrekMovie and ToyArk):

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Discovery prop previews

Over the last few days CBS have released a series of short videos on the Star Trek: Discovery Twitter giving us an excellent up close look at several of the new props for the show. They have done a remarkable job finding a balance between retro design that pulls strongly on the original TOS props, will giving them a thorough update for the modern TV era. Continue below to check them all out:

I find the phaser most strikingly reminiscent of the original, so let start there. It has many of the sames lines as the original, and most delightfully features the era-specific triple-barrel of the The Cage laser pistol.

First look at McFarlane Toys Star Trek action figures

Back in May McFarlane Toys announced they had obtained a new license to produce Star Trek toys, spanning all the prime universe TV series and movies, including Discovery. They have plans for action figures and role-play props.

But before they release Discovery characters, they have already announced two classic characters, Captains Kirk and Picard, expected early next year, Now they have released the first images of the prototypes of those figures:

Monday 17 July 2017

Discovery Comic Con preview reveals new art and stills

CBS have announced the details of Star Trek: Discovery events at the forthcoming San Diego Comic Con, including new posters, new stills from the show, and details of panels, and exhibition, and more! Continue below for all the details.

First up, lets check out the two new posters, which give us our best look yet at the USS Discovery, complete with holey saucer!

Sunday 16 July 2017

2017 Star Trek Hallmark Keepsake images

This year's Hallmark Keepsakes range how now launched, and includes two Star Trek pieces. Continue below to check out the latest images of both.

First up, we have the much loved USS Franklin, which in this incarnation has lights on both the nacelles and the bridge window.

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