Tuesday 21 May 2013

QMx's Into Darkness extravaganza

QMx were in the pretty cool position of making several of the props used in Into Darkness, and have now announced plans to make many of those items available to use lot in the real world. Because they made them in the first place they are also able to offer them super screen accurate replicas.

Those props include no less than fourteen different aeroplanes, spacecraft, and starships that made up the history of starflight collection in Admiral Marcus' office. The models stretched back from the Wright Brother's first plane through to the USS Vengeance. QMx will be offering several of them as collector's models (which tend to be around the $100 mark) and/or high end studio filming miniature style models (which are several thousand dollars a go). We already knew the Kelvin was coming as a collector's model, and now she will be joined by the Vengeance, which will be released in both formats. The ring-ship will also be offered as a high end replica in limited numbers at Comic Con, and the NX-01 is also planned as a high end release. Here are the starships from the History of Flight display, check out QMx's gallery for the historical vehicles. Update: Added a couple more angles of the Vengeance posted by io9:


The ships are just the start though, QMX will also be offering phasers, rings, flags, and badges. Check them all out after the jump (and watch out for spoilers in the comic strip at the bottom of the page):

Amazon have already put up a listing for their exclusive edition of the Star Trek Into Darkness 3D bluray with a QMx phaser. That version will feature a spring loaded swivel barrel, with magnets that snap the barrel into place. Coming in 2014 will be an even better version of the prop with a servo power swivel function,

Also on the way is a new version of the Starfleet Academy ring. Compared to the 2009 version the Into Darkness design has a flatter face, and lacks the groves on the sides, giving it a sleeker appearance. The new ring comes in a new box with a built in LED to show it off, and will be available in either metal alloys, or a limited edition sterling silver version:

QMx are also re-releasing their Starfleet badges, which now come in new packaging. It would appear this is the new format for nuTrek products' packaging; you can see the same portrait of Kirk and Spock on the box of Revell's USS Enterprise model kit, and the other elements are used on Hasbro's Kre-O and Fighter Pod packaging, but with the characters swapped for the toy versions:


QMx will also be offering a replica Federation flag, as seen in the memorial ceremony in Into Darkness. Perfect for celebrating Federation Day:

Finally QMx have released their latest Trekkies comic strip, which is as ever super cute, and quite funny, and in this case spoilery!


Unknown said...

A lot of this is tempting, very, very tempting. Though I wonder how expensive everything will be, and how big those ships will be. I wouldn't want all of the one's seen in the line-up, but there are a handful of them I would. Most especially the Kelvin.

Silfide said...


Finally they did not sell the Vengeance?, I did not see it in any place to buy.

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