Thursday 18 November 2021

Prodigy round-up: Terror Firma previews, behind the scenes art, and Dream Catcher extra content

This week has delivered the fifth episode of Prodigy, which will now be taking a break until January, so the last for the time being. Continue below to check out previews for the new episode, some cool behind the scenes art from across the series, and extra content reflecting on last week's episode.

There isn't an episode specific trailer for this week's new episode, but there is a new general trailer. This mostly features familiar shots, but does include one tantalisingly brief new scene on a Galaxy class bridge!

Episode five is title Terror Firma, and here's the blurb and a few preview images:
Marooned on a deadly planet, the crew must work together with their captive Gwyn to stay alive…except the planet isn’t the only thing in pursuit.

So far with this series the production team have been very enthusiastic to share their work online, and this week is no exception, with some beautiful imagery released by several artists. Here for instance, via  director and executive producer Ben Hibon, we have some neat images of the "Runaway" vehicle, which he credits to designer Gus Mendonca:

Hibon also shared this set of images of the USS Protostar's "escape shuttle", designed by Gia Nguyen:

Dipping back an episode, concept artist Morgan Yon shared some stunning artwork for the "river of fire" sequence in Starstruck:

And going right back to the start of the series Jorge Barrero shared his artwork of Tars Lamora:

As did Hibon again, with this design by Gus Mendonca for the mines:

From more official channels there's the usual assortment of extra content reflecting on last week's Dream Catcher. Including this animatic comparison, which interestingly shows the Protostar in the nacelles-down configuration in the earlier iteration of the scene.

This week's Star Trek Explained is from Angus Imrie (Zero), talking through M-class planets:

And "Set a Course with Kate Mulgrew" once more set's out the episodes lesson:
As usual Paramount+ have also released a selection of images from the episode:

And some clips to tease those yet to watch, including this rather stunning first one when arriving at the planet featured in the episode:

Prodigy has so far launched on Paramount+(ad) for viewers in the US, Latin America, Australia and Nordic countries. In Canada you can find it on Bell Media services. It remains unknown when and where viewers anywhere else in the world can watch it; Paramount+ will be launching in additional European countries early in 2022 though, so while it has yet to be confirmed, it feels likely many European viewers are going to have to wait for that.

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