Tuesday 14 May 2013

Into Darkness promos and adverts

With the release of Into Darkness marching round the globe there are lots of promotional tie-ins, such as the Esurance USS not-the-Enterprise and Acer space-laptops advert series. But that's just scratching the surface, there are lots more adverts, strange promo products, and features on Into Darkness. I've even leant my hand to the efforts with a few Star Trek factoids as part of Vue Cinema's Star Trek trivia feature - I managed to sneak a Trek-lit reference in there!

Several other cinemas are offering these neat Star Trek Into Darkness realD 3D glasses, with Starfleet deltas cut out fo the arms. They come in three different "collectable" packets:

They are being offered for sale Megaplex Theatres, Gold Valley City Square and Pica Rivera are giving them away at screenings, Cinemit has a competition to win them, and MovieStop is offering them with pre-orders of the DVD and bluray!

At the rather more elaborate end of the Star Trekified stuff scale, Huffington Post has a competition where you can win a Star Trek Into Darkness LED pool table! (As well as copies of Star Trek: The Video Game)

It doesn't stop at pool tables though, various companies around the world, including SFX, Forbidden Planet, View, and Cairns, are offering combinations of Star Trek bits and pieces in competitions. There's a cool Starfleet delta icecube tray, Star Trek branding foldable and gaming chairs, bluetooth speakers and keyboards, or a tiny joystick:


If you live in Mexico, then KFC has a treat for you, as their "Chicky Pack" meals come with some Star Trek toys: Either little projectors, which make light shapes of the Enterprise or a Starfleet delta, or neat 3D puzzle versions of the Enterprise or a shuttlecraft:

That's most of the "stuff" available, but continue after the jump for even more Into Darkness promotional tie-ins and adverts!

TrekMovie tracked down some adverts for Into Darkness food tie-ins. There's a Fisherman's Friend advert from Germany:

And there are Star Trek Burger King meals in Malaysia:

Here's a better look at some of Star Trek themed food being offered in Malaysian Burger Kings:


Another icecream getting the Into Darkness treatment is Cadbury's UK's Crunchie Blast, which has been branded with a Star Trek competition:

Also in the world of food, TrekMovie found a Budweiser Star Trek billboard:

Finally one more advert, not one actually officially tied to Star Trek, but it features both Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, and is pretty fun. From Audi:

PS. Find out everything you need to know about Star Trek Into Darkness and its tie-ins, on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.


Amandine said...

I won the tiny joystick but how do I use it ?

8of5 said...

Haha, congrats, but I have no idea! I get the impression it's for using on touch screens on mobile devices, but I've never seen anything like it before, and don't even won such a device!

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