Tuesday 21 May 2013

QUOGs turn to the dark side

We all love QUOGs right? Those cute animated style versions of the TOS crew that occasionally adorn T-shirts, greetings cards and other assorted Trek-tastic merchandise. Sarah Trefny of Klickitat Street certainly seems found of them, but isn't content to let them mull about in the Star Trek universe, so has given them a Star Wars make-over, as designs on cookies. Here choices of characters are great, especially tribble-Chewbacca, with Kirk as Han Solo:

As both series are rather lacking in female characters, Uhura of course becomes a rather snazzy Princess Leia:

Spock is our wise old Jedi master, while our new whiz-kid Chekov becomes the apprentice Luke:

C-3PO and R2-D2 are filled by the ship's specialists, McCoy and Scotty:

Meanwhile Sulu makes best use of his piloting skills for the Rebel Alliance:

And a Klingon is that pesky Darth Vader:

Check out some more images of the set, and making of photos, on Klickitat Street.


Natasja said...

I love this! They look too yummy to eat xD

Natasja said...

sleep deprived.. obviously I meant.. they look too good to eat :P.. my brain just said: 'yummy'

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