Tuesday 7 May 2013

Star Trek Kre-O animation

Back when Star Trek Kre-O sets were first announced, we were promised an animated film alongside the release of the toys, and today Hasbro has posted that on Youtube. The film uses a black hole as a cute way to transition the real nuTrek universe into an alternate brick-based reality; using a Kreon-scale Kre-O Enterprise rather than the actual USS Enterprise toy design. Check it out:

This film ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, I wonder if there'll be a part two...

In other Kre-O news, the Awesome Toy Blog has posted some handy information to cheat in finding the Star Trek Kreon figures you want in the blind bags. Each bag has a code, which corresponds to the figure inside; so you can pick out exactly the ones you want without having to squish them for hours... Handy if you want a complete set, or to build an army of Klingons (or Keensers...). The codes are:
  • 30711 05 Captain Nero
  • 30711 06 Keenser
  • 30711 07 Lieutenant Sprog
  • 30711 08 Klingon
  • 30711 09 Gorn
  • 30711 10 Grasia
For a look at the entire Star Trek Kre-O range, check out my previous article, with images and details of each set.


Unknown said...

Any word on when/where we can get these in the UK?

8of5 said...

Not sure about them being widely available, but Forbidden Planet are stocking most of them.

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