Tuesday 9 April 2013

Latest nuTrek aliens

Toyark have posted images of the Star Trek Kre-O range, including a new image of the series one Kreon figure collection. There is a little glitch, in that the whip thing the Gorn is holding is in fact it's tail... For a close look at the entire range, check out my previous report.

The Gorn are also highlighted in StarTrek.com's latest report on Star Trek: The Video Game; their last guide to the Gorn castes to be featured in the game. This time we meet the warrior:

The Warrior is the next evolution step above the Gorn Initiate, but still closely resembles a wild animal/beast when in combat. Equipped with basic armor, the genetically enhanced Warrior is intelligent enough to operate weaponry such as the Pillager and the Arc Driver.
And finally, TrekMovie have updated their latest gallery of Star Trek Into Darkness images with this behind-the-scenes shot of Keenser (Deep Roy) and JJ Abrams:

PS. Find out everything you need to know about Star Trek Into Darkness and its tie-ins, on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.


Unknown said...

The Kreons look great, I'm planning on getting five of the six series one minifigures, and look forward to future one's.

While I don't consider the new game's take on the Gorn to be a rip-off of the Covenant from the Halo franchise, there are definitely some similarities that can't be ignored. Most obvious of which is the clearly plasma rifle inspired gun held in this Gorn's hand.

While I don't hate the character, I'm still kinda hoping that Keenser's role in Into Darkness is short and more of a cameo. That said, if they can make him an interesting and worthy addition to the main cast, I'll be ok with his continued appearances in the nuTrek timeline.

8of5 said...

As a Lego fanatic I find it really hard to like the Kreons. As much as the Trekkie side of me wants to, they are just so inelegant compared to Lego minifigures. I'm a little tempted mainly to get some just so I've got some Star Trek weapons for my Lego minifigures to play with.

I'm insufficiently familiar with Halo to know. But I generally like the new Gorn design. I wouldn't have added a tail, and would have kept the compound eyes myself, but overall they look look good while still echoing the original design enough. (I'm a little more worried about their apparent extra-galactic origins...)

And I do like Keenser, and am always happy to see more non-Humans in any Star Trek crew! If nothing else it's nice Scotty has a regular named engineering assistant.

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