Monday 22 April 2013

Latest Star Trek comic covers

IDW's Chris Ryall has posted the following art on his Tumblr, for the forthcoming re-print of the first ever TNG comics in Beginnings, the latest omnibus in IDW's Classics series. The snazzy new cover is by the Sharp Brothers, with colours from Kristy Miller:

Amazon have also updated their listing for the The John Byrne Collection, which will collect together all of his Star Trek comics. It appears the book has been delayed a month, now due out at the end of May. They show a slightly different version of the cover than the previous two we've seen, now with the delta element slightly smaller, and a hand-written style text for part of the title:

What I really want to know IDW, is when are we going to get more Byrne Star Trek comics? The stories in this collection are among the best Star Trek comics there have ever been. Bring back Byrne!

PS. To keep up to date with all the latest Star Trek comics news, hit the "comic" button on my schedule page; there you'll find listings of all the year's books, and links to my previous articles on them.

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