Tuesday 9 April 2013

Preview for the final chapter of Countdown to Darkness

Out this week is the fourth and final issue of the Star Trek Into Darkness prequel series, Countdown to Darkness. StarTrek.com has posted a seven page preview, in which Captain April goes a bit crazy. See that down below (and continuing after the jump).

Also out this week is the latest Treasury Edition, large format omnibus. This time it's got three issues from the Star Trek ongoing series: The Return of the Archons, part one and two, and the single issue Hendorff story. StarTrek.com have also posted a preview of that, which I've not replicated as this is just a reprint. I can't help but suspect it's a reprint with some meaning though; might these be the three most significant issues of the ongoing series, leading us into the release of Into Darkness? The Return of the Archons established some sort of Starfleet conspiracy. And Hendorff has been pretty well established in the ongoing series, with this focus issue giving him a lot of time in particular. I worry for our cupcake in a redshirt!


If you've not been picking up the individual issues of Countdown to Darkness, but want to catch-up witht he series, the omnibus will be out later this month. It comes from IDW in the US, while Titan Books will be printing the UK market version. Cross Cult will also be doing a German translation in both paperback and hardcover:

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