Tuesday 16 April 2013

More Into Darkness footage, plus new posters.

At CinemaCon yesterday Paramount screened eighteen minutes of footage from Star Trek Into Darkness to the press. That included some spoiler-laden scenes from later in the film, which I've summarised below. But first, check out this amazing fan poster for the first nuTrek film:

It's by artist Paul Shipper, and you can see details and work in progress images on his blog. Apple have also released the final American character poster for Into Darkness, the lovely bright red Kirk one:

Last chance not to be spoilerd: Details of those aforementioned Into Darkness scenes, after the jump:

TrekMovie and io9 reported from the event, where two sequences were shown. The first was a tweaked version of the footage previously seen by many in the IMAX preview. The second comes later in the film, and reveals lots of information about the "Evilprise" and the Enterprise crew's interactions with Harrison. The following is a summary of what both sites reported:

It opened with Kirk confronting Harrison in sickbay, wanting to know more about the Evilprise, which Harrison identifies as a dreadnought; more powerful in just about every way, with minimal crew, intended purely for combat missions. Harrison is apparently especially concerned about the welfare of his crew, on the dreadnought, and Kirk uses that to try and get Harrison to help him get on-board the Evilprise, by promising to protect Harrison's people. Harrison isn't impressed by this, replying "Captain, you can't even guarantee the safety of your own crew.", to which Kirk replies, "Are you coming with me or not?"

Meanwhile Scotty is already on the Evilprise, and Kirk calls in to get assistance getting on-board. Harrison tells Scotty what to do, which Scotty gets amusingly exasperated by the plan.

Kirk and Harrison prepare to space jump between the two ships. There's a scene on the bridge where Spock fails to reassure McCoy about the probable success of the mission. As Scotty tries to deal with an Evilprise security officer, who's stopping him opening an airlock to let Kirk and Harrison in, the two space jumpers fly through wreckage of the damaged Enterprise. Scotty ends up strapping himself to something and blowing the security officer out of the airlock, in time to let Kirk and Harrison get on the ship.

Pretty interesting stuff, and more fuel on the fire that Harrison isn't the real bad guy here, who are he and Kirk going to sort out on the Evilprise?

Now how does this information inform what we understand of the Space Dive Kre-O set? Is the bad-guy there actually the security officer? I assumed it was Harrison and his massive gun before. Then again it may not be plot accurate.

PS. Find out everything you need to know about Star Trek Into Darkness and its tie-ins, on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.

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