Tuesday 23 April 2013

First look at Ships of the Line 2014, and other calendar updates

Amazon has updated its listing for several of the 2014 Star Trek calendars, with new back cover images. Those include next year's Ships of the Line, giving us a first look at the images within:

Got to love the fantastical madness of D.M. Phoenix's space squid attack on a starship! Pretty nice to see a Romulan War image in there too, and the return of the Enterprise-J, both by the mastermind of the whole thing, Doug Drexler! Tobias Richter's DS9 image looks spectacular too. I'm also pretty curious what's going on in Alan Rivard's fleet museum image; I'm guessing the shuttle it being towed into the Enterprise collection, but at this resolution it almost looks like it's attacking! Mark Rademaker's proto-warp-ringship appears to have a block of text with it, which I guess will be giving some context to this quasi-real-world concept design. All the artists contributing have done a great job, thank the prophets it wasn't cancelled! No new front cover yet, but the back here tells us the title and artist: Nothing But Trouble, by Douglas E Graves.

Amazon have also posted a new version of the Star Trek Into Darkness calendar backcover (the third iteration to date), it still doesn't look finished to me, so I guess it will change again:

And there's also the less visually exciting back cover for the daily calendar:

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