Saturday 6 April 2013

Into Darkness in 3D

Star Trek Into Darkness will be soon be out in cinemas, and, for the first time for Star Trek, in 3D. The AVindustries13 youtube channel (found via TrekMovie) have posted the international trailer, Russian version (which still has the English voice-over) in 3D. So if you've got a screen, or glasses, pick your preferred 3D method and check out 3D Star Trek:

As you might recall from my review of the IMAX preview, I have been pretty sceptical about seeing this film in 3D, because it is post-converted - That is to say, it is shot on 2D cameras and the 3D elements are then extrapolated after the fact; with the exception, I expect, of any CGI stuff which it should be possible to output directly into two perspectives, and thus the two different angles required for 3D. That said, reading comments from the producers over the last few months I have found myself encouraged by their apparent dedication to delivering a really good 3D experience, and their insistence that they have designed the film to take full advantage of it being delivered in 3D, and that they are pushing the boundaries of the format.

Hooking up my laptop to my 3D TV I can't deny feeling more tempted to see Into Darkness in 3D after watching this trailer. I think the most impressive 3D shots often involve a small foreground object moving in front of something vast, and there were a couple of really nice examples of this in the trailer (the shuttle zipping past the starbase, and the space dive clip), as well as a few other nice shots that help chip away my scepticism. How does everyone else feel about Star Trek going into 3D?

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