Wednesday 3 April 2013

Minimates, breeding like tribbles

Due next month is the Minimates USS Enterprise. We already knew about a mirror universe variant, and now Diamond Select Toys have announced a third version of this ship, exclusive to Action Figure Express; this time coming with a bunch of tribbles. The ship itself appears to be the same as the standard version, but it comes with a different Kirk figure, this time in his green tunic:

This is the third Minimates Kirk release in the green tunic, he is also available, with a slightly different face, in a two-pack with Yeoman Rand, and was issued as another tribble exclusive back when Minimates were slightly less mini. Here's an image from A Piece of the Action's excellent article on the original Star Trek Minimates, comparing the previous green Kirks:

In other Minimates news, Diamond have also revealed the final pair of figures coming in the Star Trek Legacy range, posting an image on their Facebook page. Here are TOS Kirk and Khan; the only characters not displayed at the Toy Fair, from the eight pairs of Minimates coming between the regular and Toys'r'us collections:

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