Tuesday 16 April 2013

New images of Revell's nuTrek USS Enterprise model kit

Due out next month is the latest Star Trek model kit from Revell in Germany, the first kit release of the nuTrek USS Enterprise. Sci-fi Pulse have released these new images, giving us a look at the box art, and a finished painted version of the model:


Revell list the following as features of the kit:
- Newly developed construction kit
- Large scale, two-piece Saucer Section
- Separate command bridge
- Multi-part deflector and sensor
- Large-scale, two-piece secondary hull
- Multi-part nacelles with separate pylons
- Many transparent parts, including Bussard collectors and navigation lights
- Display stand
- Kit suitable for the addition of lighting (equipment not included)
- Detailed instructions with tips for painting
- Extensive set of decals for the Enterprise
The kit is currently only meant to be available to the European market. However I'm sure with a bit of help from the internet you'll be able to track down one wherever you may reside.

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