Friday 19 April 2013

Hallmark's 2013 Star Trek Keepsakes

We first saw Hallmark's 2013 Star Trek Keepsake Christmas tree ornaments last summer. Now they have released their catalogue (or "dreambook") for this year, giving us new views of this year's range, as well as highlighting some of their features:

The USS Kelvin joining the Hallmark fleet will be one of at least three (maybe four) releases of this ship this year! With the Hot Wheels version due next month, along side the mini Kre-O buildable edition, and the QMx model currently being worked on for an unknown release date.

It's a pretty good year for the Gorn too, what with all the fuss being made about them being in Star Trek: The Video Game - Based on the game there will be a Gorn statue, and Gorn figures in the Kre-O and Fighter Pods ranges, but this is the only TOS Gorn release of the year I can recall. It will be the first time the Gorn has been included in Hallmark's figurine collection, but I believe the ninth incarnation of Captain Kirk! It's just the second time Hallmark have done Scotty though, and the first time he's appeared on his own, having previously been part of a transporter room scene.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I'm definitely going to get the Kelvin, but...that price seems a bit much, and I'm disappointed to see that it just light's up, and that there is apparently no sound-chip to it...Oh well, still a great looking Kelvin ornament...

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