Monday 1 April 2013

The trouble with T-shirts, UPDATED

Trevco have released a bunch of new Star Trek T-shirts featuring tribbles! My favourite is this brilliant tribble infested schematic of the USS Enterprise:

There's also a horror movie poster style take on The Trouble with Tribbles:

And a declaration of love for everyone's favourite (barring Klingons) little fuzzballs:

UPDATE: Here's another one, The Tribble Terror, which seems to be a mash-up of the classic TAS promo image with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!:

These designs join the Tribble Trouble computer game-style design I featured a couple of weeks ago with other video game inspired shirts, as well as a couple of more generic The Trouble with Tribbles designs Trevco have (using stills from the episode), and a tribble-filled QUOGs shirt.

It's generally a pretty good year for wearers of the I love tribbles shirt, with both DST and QMx releasing new born tribbles into the world, and them apparently appearing in some fashion in Star Trek: The Video Game.

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