Friday 26 April 2013

Who let the Ferengi into the Star Trek licensing department?

I sense extra-terrestrial influence of the larger eared variety in some of the latest Star Trek stuff. Checks in the Mail have announced a new range of novelty Star Trek checks, check-book holders, and address labels. They have four different series, based on TOS, Captains, ships, and some lovely bright QUOGs designs:

The address labels and covers aren't offered for the TOS designs, but the other three series all get them:

Meanwhile, a Ferengi embassy would appear to have opened in North Carolina, where you can now play a new Star Trek scratch card lottery, with a card design fro each prime series, letting you win cash and tickets to a Star trek convention.

Star Trek gambling is online too! With the nuTrek game, Against All Odds, which includes three different types of game play, a slot-mahcine style round, an arcade game like battle between the Enterprise and the Narada, and then, quite innovatively, the use of the Enterprise's deflector as a spinning game! Here's a video showing all three:

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