Sunday 17 February 2013

Worf's baldric and NuTrek from Anovos

Anovos have announced the latest addition to their range of high-end Star Trek costume replicas; Worf's baldric. There is a cool story behind this particular piece, as it came about thanks to The Big Bang Theory. Here's how Anovos describe its origins:
Presenting a truly unique collectible from the ANOVOS Premier Line Collection, we are privileged to bring you an exclusive directly from one of the original artists on Star Trek™: The Next Generation®: the Worf Baldric Warrior Sash, authentically recreated and hand made by Bear Burge, one of the artisans responsible for the construction of the original production used pieces.

ANOVOS came to Bear and his team for a much needed production-worthy Worf Baldric Sash to be used in the The Big Bang Theory episode "The Bakersfield Expedition". Constructing multiple sashes in record time, these metal and leather works of art completed the Worf outfit worn by character Raj, seen also wearing an exclusive ANOVOS TNG tunic with ANOVOS-produced accoutrement, including our high-end jewelry rank pips.

Crafted from leather, hand linked metal metal rings and resin insignia, direct from the original, there is no mistaking the quality and the hours spent on creating this one of a kind, hand made piece. With such quality aligned with ANOVOS history of products, it made only perfect sense to bring this beloved icon of Star Trek™: The Next Generation® to the fans in a limited Premier Line run. Now, offered for the very first time, the licensed Star Trek™: The Next Generation® Worf Baldric Warrior Sash will be made available for pre-order, created by the hands of an original artist from The Next Generation era, Bear Burge.
Worf's baldric will retail for a mere $1209.95. Meanwhile Anovos have also been teasing another new addition to their range, the nuTrek black under-shirt, which will be coming with their Star Trek Into Darkness releases:

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