Friday 15 February 2013

Toy Fair round up

Last weekend's Toy Fair delivered an abundance of Star Trek news, here's a round up of all my reports:

Two new lines were announced by the primary Star Trek Into Darkness toy licensor:

Star Trek Kre-O sets will give us Lego-like Star Trek construction sets (which we've only had once before, in the form of a Mega Bloks Enterprise-D). Hasbro's first wave includes sets based on Into Darkness, ranging from the large USS Enterprise playset, to a small airlock set. There will also be miniature starship models from the 2009 film, and an assortment on nuTrek "kreon" minifigures released in blind bags. Further waves of kreons are planned which will introduce prime characters to the mix as well. I did two reports on the Kre-O sets; one looking at the official images released by Hasbro; and one looking at the sets on display at Toy Fair, which gave us some additional angles, and a look at the box art.

Hasbro's other Trek line is Star Trek Fighter Pods, which give us caricatured versions of characters from both nuTrek films, along side an equally caricatured USS Enterprise playset, "attack pod" figure launchers, and various assortments of figures including blind bags again. This will be the first time Hasbro has expanded their Fighter Pods brand outside their popular Star Wars version. The Star Trek edition will include the first ever toy versions of many nuTrek characters and alien races. You can read about all the different Star Trek Fighter Pod releases in my report on the range.

Despite the rather grown up take on Star Trek that Into Darkness appears to be, both Hasbro's toy lines seem to be aimed at decidedly younger audiences. These two quirkier takes on Star Trek look like all we'll be getting from Hasbro too; no regular action figures, props, or toy ships - Perhaps not that surprising given the poor performance of Playmates wide ranging selection of toys released for the first film.

Hot Wheels
Mattel had a small selection of Star Trek goodies on display, in the form of their new additions to their Star Trek Hot Wheels starships collection. This series is set to include the first (accurate) model of the USS Kelvin, the USS Excelsior, a re-release of their Narada model, and a new design from Into Darkness (although that latter one wasn't on display). You can see the range in my report.

Diamond Select Toys
Despite only recently having announced a whole range of Star Trek stuff in the pipeline, DST were still able to show off some new stuff at the Toy Fair; including the latest additions to their Star Trek Minimates collection, plans for their next Star Trek Select figure, a Spock money box, and a better look at their forthcoming USS Enterprise cross-section model. You can see them all, in my report.

Underground Toys
Newish Trek licensor Underground Toys announced a big new range of Star Trek watches and clocks. released official images of these, so I looked at those in my report. But if you're curious Action Figure Insider has an image of their Star Trek display at the Toy Fair.

NECA's Toy Fair press release announced the latest addition to their Tactics game in the Star Trek Heroclix range, while on display at the event was their new Star Trek Into Darkness Connect With Pieces puzzle/game. You can read about that, in my report on it.

Bif Bang Pow
I've not mentioned these yet, so in addition to the round-up, here's new news from Bif Bang Pow of a series of TNG bobble heads. They had a mock-up on display, showing plans to do all the main characters (image via

Finally, not at the New York Toy Fair, but a couple of weeks ago at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Revell were showing off the latest addition to their range of Star Trek model kits, the nuTrek USS Enterprise. You can read about that from my report at the time. Or check out this extra image (via Hobby Media) which gives us a better view of the top of the ship:

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