Thursday 14 February 2013

Neca's new Star Trek puzzle game

One more Star Trek toy company at the Toy Fair last week, was Neca, who have so far brought us many a Star Trek Heroclix game. Neca's press release for the Toy Fair did announce a new addition to their Heroclix Star Trek Tactics game, with the next expansion, coming later this year, to feature the Borg. Also announced, and on display, was something a bit different though, a Star Trek puzzle - Not your every-day puzzle though, this one is part of Neca's new Connect With Pieces range, which combines puzzles with gaming. There have already been a few other film tie-in versions of this concept, here's a bit of the blurb for the The Hobbit version which explains how the game element works:
Connect with Pieces is the Puzzle Building Game where many of the pieces can be played in more than one location. Each puzzle piece has 1 of 5 symbols on it (they are cleverly pressed in so that they are only visible when looking for them). Match up more symbols for more points! Score points by finding the best possible fit with your pieces and try to block your opponent from doing the same. Featuring 2 modes of play, you can ramp up the speed or the speed or the strategy for different play styles.
Neca'a Star Trek version is based on the Star Trek Into Darkness poster, here's what it looks like (image via Toy Ark):

The puzzle is due out in the "spring" along side the new Tactics mini-game, which is also a nuTrek tie-in.

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