Monday 25 February 2013

Getting to know the new Gorn

Entertainment Weekly have posted what they promise to be the first in a series of articles introducing us to the various new Gorn sub-species in the new Star Trek video game. They seem to working their way down from the most powerful, starting with the Gorn Commander:

Wow, he is nasty — but also a somewhat regal bearing, no?  In the new game, the Commander is the leader of the Gorn and his lime-colored shock troops have invaded New Vulcan, the refuge that is home to the survivor community from Mr. Spock’s obliterated homeworld. The Commander is large (10-feet tall) and in charge (which he gives him plenty of opportunity for torture and arranged blood-sport).
Next down are the Gorn Sentinels: of the largest, strongest, and most vicious of the hissing invaders. Their weapon of choice is the Arc Driver, the most powerful handheld weapon in their clawed clutches — it unleashes a bolt of energy that disintegrates all organic matter — especially if they are wrapped in a red shirt. Sentinels are visually imposing but their tactical power make them more than just another ugly face.
Game Trailers have also posted a new video preview of the game, with new footage of game-play and Paramount's Brian Miller explaining some of the game features. We get a nice look at how the tricorder works in the game. The Star Trek feature starts at about the two minute mark:

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