Wednesday 13 February 2013

DST's Toy Fair reveals

Star Trek toys stalwart, Diamond Select Toys, was another of the Star Trek licensors at Toy Fair the past weekend, and used it to show several new items coming from them.

A check list of the previous Star Trek Minimates
Last month they announced the relaunch of the Star Trek Minimates line with Star Trek Legacy Minimates Series 1, which had they had on display along some more new Trek Minimates! These additional characters will be Toys'r'us exclusives in North America. On show were:
  • Picard and a Borg drone, which have been released as a Minimates two-pack before, however both characters are new designs; a different Borg drone, and Picard in his jacket uniform.
  • Sisko and Dukat, which have also been released as Minimates before, but again are new designs this time.
  • Janeway and Seven of Nine, which will be the first ever Voyager Minimates!
According to DST on Facebook the TRU exclusive series will be finished off with a fourth pairing; TOS Kirk and Khan, the younger companions to the Wrath of Khan versions in the non-exclusive series. Here's what the three pairs on display look like (images via Action Figure Insider):


Also on display was some artwork for some new items. DST's new Star Trek Select range of action figure/sculptures/dioramas is set to launch later this year with the release of the Spock and Horta, and Kirk vs Khan sets. A third release appears to be planned in the form of a Picard figure, firing his phaser while standing over a fallen Borg drone:

Also on display was artwork for a Spock money box, fascinating...:

Finally, so far as new stuff goes, they had the Project Cutaway USS Enterprise on display, giving us a chance to see how they've cut into the saucer section:

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