Friday 22 February 2013

Round 2 round-up; NX refit cometh!

A catch up of Round 2's AMT and Polar Lights Star Trek model kits, starting with what is surely the most exciting addition to their range: Round 2 have announced they will be re-releasing their Polar Lights 1:1000 scale NX-01 model kit in October, with additional parts to build it as the Doug Drexlr's refit design, as seen in Ships of the Line 2011. Here's their description:
The last Star Trek® telelvision show was simply called Enterprise™. It featured the predecessor to the famous U.S.S. Enterprise™ NCC-1701. The Enterprise™ NX-01 was the first insterstellar exploration craft. Though the shape was sleak, it lacked certain aspects that came with the expectations of an "Enterprise™". After the show wrapped up series production designer, Doug Drexler, took the ship's design to the next stage. By adjusting the warp engines a bit and adding a secondary hull, the NX-01 Refit bore a closer resemblance to the TOS version of the ship. This kit includes options to build either the NX-01 or, for the first time, the NX-01 Refit version of the Enterprise™.

The box art features new rendering by ship designer doug drexler.
They are also planning a re-release of the 1:350 scale NX-01 kit, which will also feature new Drexler box art as well. That one is coming in June:

Moving on to the next Enterprise, September will see a re-release of the 1:1000 scale TOS USS Enterprise, and this time they're making it a Space Seed edition, by throwing in a new Botany Bay model:

In July they will be re-issuing the AMT TOS bridge module, and adding loads of extra parts to really round it out:
The set of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 became memorable as the primary location for many of Star Trek's best episodes. The model kit set originally released by AMT in the mid seventies supplied modelers with an opportunity to build a set of their own. The kit is now re-released with the key addition of new figures and added details. Spock's and Sulu's scopes are present for the first time in the set. Parts to build six figures are included with options to build Kirk, Spock, Bones, Sulu, Checkov, Ohura, Scotty or other "red shirts". Additional wall sections are also included for the first time to allow the set to be built completely in the round. New updated decals are included for accurate displays.
Round 2's brand new 1:350 scale TOS USS Enterprise is also out now, as art kits to give it cool lighting effects or to build it as either of the pilot versions.


Not to the leave the various Enterprise's without anyone to bother them, also recently re-released are the Klingon K'tinga class, and a cool new version of the D7 with Romulan decals:

June will see a re-release of their Spock figurine, this time coming in one of their retro lunch-tins:

Finally there are more Cadet Series mini-ship model sets coming. Available imminently is the new TOS three pack, containing the USS Enterprise from the previous Cadet Series release, joined by new a Romulan Bird of Prey, and Klingon D7:

While out already is the TOS movie-era three pack, with the refit Enterprise again previously released, with new Miranda class and K'tinga class kits:

You can CGI renderings of all the parts in the movie-era kit on Round 2's blog.

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