Friday 15 February 2013

Book bits

A few newslets from the world of printed Trek:

David R. George III has announced on Facebook that he has been asked to write another Star Trek novel, so will be (presumably) be joining the already growing list of authors on the 2014 schedule.

Meanwhile over in Germany Cross Cult have released their latest New Frontier portrait, which will be finding its way onto a future German New Frontier cover. This time they bring us a new take on Janos the Mugato. This is Cross Cult's second rendition of Janos, he previously appeared on their version Martyr (Märtyrer). Thanks as ever to UnrealitySF's Jens Deffner for pointing me to this:

Finally, in non-fiction news, a new listing has appeared on Amazon for a book called Star Trek Topps. Listed as the authors are regular Star Trek non-fiction contributors Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann, and a little more curiously, The Topps Company. It's to be published by Abrams Books (who have previously brought us Block and Edmann's two Star Trek 365 books), and more specifically will be released under their ComicArts imprint, which has released a few books based on Topps trading cards, including the recent Mars Attacks retrospective. There have been two Star Trek Topps cards collections, a TOS series, and a Motion Picture series. Aside from some of the TMP behind-the-scenes alien cars there doesn't that much interesting about them. Anyway, whatever this book is, it's out in September.

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