Tuesday 12 February 2013

New trailer for the Star Trek video game

Namco Bandai have released a new trailer for the forthcoming Star Trek video game, it's titled "Salvation", and looks like this:

Posting on StarTrek.com the game's executive producer, Brian Miller, also revealed some of the new locations inside the Enterprise players will be able to epxlore while playing the game:
Playing as Kirk and Spock, gamers must face-off against the villainous Gorn - the formidable enemy first introduced in the classic 1967 Star Trek television episode "Arena." Their battles will take them into familiar locations, like the bridge, transporter room and the engine room - but also deep into many areas of the ship that have never been seen on film before, including the Enterprise's turbolift shafts, observation lounge, engineering decks and officer's quarters.
The Enterprise is not just a ship - she is one of the most important characters in all of Star Trek. Our goal from day one was to make sure that the Enterprise looks, feels and even sounds as true to life as anything players have ever seen.
Here are the latest screenshots from the game, released on StarTrek.com recently, which do indeed include several locations on the Enterprise; I'm rather looking forward to having a good look around the shuttle bay:


The Star Trek video game will be out in April, before the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. Pre-orders of the game, which is available on PS3, X-box 360, and PC, come with a bundle of additional weapons and uniforms (details of which you can find on my previous report):

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