Saturday 9 February 2013

Details of the Star Trek Kre-O line-up (updated)

The first details of Hasbro's Star Trek Kre-O assortment are emerging from the New York Toy Fair. The first wave of sets has been described at a Hasbro presentation. I will update this article if more details/images emerge, for now we have an idea of the set assortment coming: UPDATE: have released lots of images and information.

UPDATE 2: Have now added higher resolution versions of the official images posted by Toy News International, plus an extra image of the transporter set. Will be posting a separate article with closer looks at the sets on display at the Hasbro booth shortly.

UPDATE 3: Now added even high res images from Lethal Farse. You can also see photos of the sets and packaging from Toy Fair displays, in a separate article. While another article looks at the Fighter Pods range.

The first sets will be available from the 29th of April, and include the sets we saw in another presentation yesterday, plus others:

Enterprise playset
As previously seen in official photos, a recently released description, and at last year's Comic Con. This set will come with five kreon figures. We've already seen Kirk and Spock, who will be joined by McCoy and two other characters - Images of the set show these inconsistently in black and blue uniforms, and they are described by as villains. 432 pieces.


Klingon Bird of Prey
This is a new design from Star Trek Into Darkness (as seen in the trailer), comes with two Klingons, Uhura, and Spock. Like the Enterprise this set has lights, in this case in the cockpit. Also fires projectiles from the wings. 236 pieces.

Spock's Volcano Mission
From the scenes seen in the trailers and IMAX preview (and no doubt a little after the end of the preview), this set features an exploding volcano (or redish blob), and shuttlecraft, and comes with Volcano-suit Spock, and Sulu. This set also has a light, which can illuminate the cockpit, or rather neatly rotates down to light Spock as you lower him into the volcano. 141 pieces.

Transporter Trouble
Comes with Scotty, and a Klingon, in a transporter with a rotating transporter effect, and another lighting effect! I wonder if this is indicative of a so-far unknown scene in Into Darkness... 65 pieces.


Space Dive
Features the first ever light-up kreon (to illuminate the faceplate I imagine), includes Kirk and a villian (surely John Harrison with his massive gun?), and a small airlock.

Mirco-build starships
In addition to kreon figure scale sets there will also be a range of "micro ships", with the USS Enterprise, USS Kelvin, Jellyfish, and Klingon D7 featuring in the first sets. Eeah set comes with a light-up stand. 34-42 pieces each.

Kreon figures
Offered as blind bags (like the Lego collectable minifigures), will be an initial wave of six figures: Nero, Gorn (from the new Star Trek video game?), Keenser, and a Klingon are familiar. Also listed are a Lieutenant Sprog, who is wholly new to me, and Grasia, which IMDB lists as an alien appearing in Into Darkness, played by the same actress who played the Kelvin's Alnschloss K'Bentayr in the 2009 film - The third character pictured here seems to have the same wide necked uniform of that character, so maybe that species is returning in Into Darkness.

A second wave of kreon figures will feature prime timeline aliens: Andorian, Borg drone, Spock, Worf, Ferengi, Salt Vampire, and Locutus. Another wave is to follow, with suggesting that will include General Chang, and Captain Kirk.

Fighter Pods
Coming exclusively to Toys'r'us will be a range of "Fighter Pod" sets, it appears these are another concept, rather than part of the Kre-O line; Hasbro already have an extensive range of Star Wars Fighter Pods, which feature stylised versions of characters, along side vehicles in a battle-based game, which appears to be based loosely on bowling. The Star Trek version will include a large USS Enterprise fighter pod set, with four figures; Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura.

The range also includes smaller sets:
  • Fghter attack pods with launcher, with four designs featuring very un-Star Trek names: Blade Blaster, Ninja Star, Star Surger, and Phantom Striker. Each comes with figures: Kirk, Spock, Soctty, and a Klingon.
  • Fighter pod starter packs feature four figures and two pods each.
  • While fighter pod "blind bags" each come with two figures and single pod.

Sources: Toy News International, Cool Toy Review, You Bent My Wookie,, Toy News International, Lethal Farse.

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