Tuesday 26 February 2013

Latest Trek book covers

Simon and Schuster have updated their listing for James Swallow's TNG ebook, The Stuff of Dreams, with a new cover! There's still new blurb for this novella, which is less than a month away, but the cover is full of nexus (known details of the plot can be found on my previous reports here, and here)

In other cover news, Amazon have added a cover for the book-only edition of Federation: The First 150 Years. This was initially listed as a paperback reprint, but now seems to be a hardcover release; I believe this will not come with the electronic pedestal (and massive box) of the first hardcover edition, hence the lower price. The cover is much the same as the original version, except the words Star Trek now appear on the actual book - On the deluxe edition it said Star Trek on the box, but left the book itself appearing to be a real world in-universe copy.

If you're curious about Federation: The First 150 Years but haven't checked it out yet (or even if you have), one of Literary Trek's recent podcasts included an interview with the author, David A Goodman, in which he discussed working on that book, among other things. The most recent podcast from Literary Treks also included an interview, with David R. George III, discussing many of his Trek works.

Back with covers, Amazon have also put up a cover for Star Trek, Volume 5, which will collect the four flashback issues of the Star Trek ongoing series, which are in the midst of being released along side Countdown to Darkness continuing the in-universe present-day story telling. The omnibus will reuse the artwork form the recently released Uhura flashback, which will be the second story in the book.


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