Monday 11 February 2013

New Star Trek timepieces and other gifts from Underground Toys have announced a new range of Star Trek clocks and watches coming soon from Underground Toys. Included are a variety of different designs, including various styles featuring the TOS uniform colours, art based on starships, posters, and comics, and even a watch featuring the USS Enterprise cross-section from the Haynes Manual. Here's the range:


These are just some of the Star Trek novelty and gift items on the way from Underground Toys. announced their taking on a Star Trek a license a little while ago:
On the way from this new licensee is a talking bottle opener, heat-reveal, talking, 2D-relief and 3D mugs; tinned mints filled with hard candies; alarm, wall and 3D clocks; limited-edition watches and mini key ring torches.
Already out, or coming soon are an electronic USS Enterprise-D bottle opener:

A light-up phaser torch/keyring:

And a bluetooth headset:

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