Wednesday 21 August 2013

Starfleet issue aprons!

The latest discovery in ThinkGeek's ongoing mission to seek out kitchen equipment, and Trekify it - And also the latest in the ever expanding range of clothing pretending to be a Starfleet uniform - Introducing, the Starfleet uniform apron!

Available in all three TOS uniform colours the new aprons also feature an embroidered insignia. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Star Trek kitchen, ThinkGeek have also released a video, showing off the capabilities of their recently released USS Enterprise spatula:

Star Trek


Unknown said...

I'm a bit of a cook, so I'll have to get me one of those aprons. Specifically the blue one.

That was certainly an...interesting video...I guess. Is they guy acting like that...on purpose?

8of5 said...

lol, I really hope so, if that was him being an enthusiastic sales person I hate to think what everyday him is like!

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