Monday 5 August 2013

More dog stuff, including a new way to kill a redshirt

A few days ago I reported on the new Star Trek dog beds being made by Crowded Coop. It appears that was just the the first item in the Star Trek dog-product kennel though, as Entertainment Earth now have listing for new Star Trek dog toys as well. Not only can your dog command the Enterprise from its captain's chair/bed, it can also sacrifice crew, to itself, with Crowded Coop's range including a redshirt chew-plush. There's a Klingon too, both of which will squeak in agony at the dog attack:

You can also let your dog take a bite out of the entire ship, with the chew-plush Enterprise, which also features, ropey things... coming out of the shuttlebay.

There's also a more typical dog rope-toy, with squeakers featuring the USS Enterprise and planet images:

Like the dog beds, these are all expected in November. Perfect doggie Christmas presents!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Saw pre-orders for these on BBTS. I kinda want to get a Klingon and the Enterprise for my dog. He doesn't play a lot anymore, but every once and a while he'll be rather energetic. Though I want to see them in-person first, to see how durable the material they're made out of is. Might not be worth it if they have to be sewn back together after their first use.

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