Tuesday 20 August 2013

Newspaper Comics Volume 2 sample pages

Due out in October is Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, Volume Two. IDW's second omnibus of newspaper strips completes the collection of US newspaper strips, reprinting the post-The Motion Picture comics for the first time since their original publication in the eighties!

Like the previous volume, this will give us the opportunity to read some super-rare Star Trek stories, exquisitely reproduced and presented in a high quality book. But if that alone is enough to tempt you, maybe Amazon can help; as they have updated their listing with several samples pages in their "look inside" feature.

I've copied in a few below, but you can see more still on Amazon. The samples include an excerpt from the introduction, including some of the artist's sample strips, plus pages from the Lexicon at the back of the book, which gives an encyclopaedic listing of all the people, places, and more, from the newspaper strip series.

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