Wednesday 14 August 2013

DST's new ships

Diamond Select Toys have announced a couple of new ships via The two new variants of previous releases are to be available almost immediately apparently. There's the HMS Bounty version of the Klingon Bird of Prey, which includes the ship's landing gear, has "HMS Bounty" written on the hull, and also features The Voyage Home specific sounds. This is the fourth version of the Bird of Prey (following the partially cloaked, and cloaked variants). This is the second release with landing gear; the very limited edition cloaked version also had that feature:

There's also a fourth variant of the Minimates USS Enterprise, this time we've ditched Kirk (who has so far appeared in yellow, green with tribbles, or mirror universe style) in favour of Captain Pike:

DST also recently posted their latest ship dates; they list the following expected release dates for forthcoming Star Trek products:


Unknown said...

I was half expecting their next Bird-of-Prey to be the HMS Bounty. Especially since they stated there would be a retail BoP with landing gear. I'm kinda curious to know which quotes they'll use, as The Voyage Home is one of my favorite TOS movies.

Looking at the pictures of the previous BoP's, they've definitely added something to the right wing of this one. Though I guess that could be the alternate battery cover just sitting on the wing there?

When they revealed the Minimates Enterprise I was kinda hoping they would eventually do a Cage Enterprise with Pike. Not sure I'll get it, but it's definitely tempting.

8of5 said...

Oh yes well spotted on the wing! I think that is indeed the battery cover, I presume the landing gear can swapped out for the normal closed base.

I took was expecting a Cage Minimates-aprise at some point; surprised it took until the fourth version!

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